Friday, March 31, 2017

The Beachcombers

Last month I visited family in Vancouver.
 My Grandkids were on March break from school,
 We took a few days to visit
The Sunshine Coast,
and visited Gibsons, 
the home of "The Beachcombers".

A Canadian T.V. series that run from 1972-90.
The longest ever Canadian show.
Viewed in over 60 countries.

The Sunshine Coast is northwest of Vancouver
 accessible only by ferry or float/airplane.

We took a ferry at Horseshoe Bay

Me and Suzanne
went out on the deck to enjoy the view.

After landing,
We drove to Gibsons Landing 
and had lunch at
the famous restaurant where
 a lot of the series 
"The Beachcombers" took place

Inside the Restaurant.

The Menu
Part of the menu.
Some history

 A Market close by

The Marina

I love this houseboat

 Another Houseboat

We had a great time

The ferry dock.

The Canada Geese, on their way back for the summer.

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