Saturday, February 1, 2020

Hopewell Rocks and Sussex New Brunswick.

Looking through my photos, 
I realize I didn't post this blog.
Last August we visited 
Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick.

Unfortunately it was raining that day.
We came prepared with ponchos,
 and had fun, enjoying this amazing adventure.

 The rocks are located at the 
Bay of Fundy at Hopewell Cape.
"Home of the highest tides in the world".

My sister Carol took most of the photos 
with her waterproof camera.
I did take a few with my phone.
 Although, It was raining too hard to use the phone.

At low tide, tourists may visit the rocks.

We walked down and up the 100 plus steps.

My first view of the rocks
and the ocean floor.
We were fortunate to arrive at low tide.

At high tide, the water is up to the top of the rocks.

We weren't alone.
There was a guided tour happening. 

Carol with the blue hat.

below, Annie in blue behind, hunting for rocks to paint, LOL
and she brought some home.
and me in the yellow, dripping with water.
It was pouring rain at this point.



I'd like to return in Sunshine.
Apparently miles of beautiful beaches to explore.

We rented part of a house in Sussex, New Brunswick.
A 160 yr. old house, very clean and well maintained.


Lots of room.

The bedrooms each had tree names on the door.

Most of my photos are blurred in the house,
maybe it's because of *Witch Hazel?

My Room

We were comfortable here.
Stayed 3 nights.
We brought our food and had kitchen service.
I didn't get a photo of the large kitchen.
Very economical when the price is 
split between us.

*Witch Hazel is a shrub used in medicine for skin disorders and other health problems. 
 It's beautiful flowers blossom in Winter.  Indigenous to our Northern colder regions.

I seem to be missing some photos
of this beautiful town.
Lots of beautiful shops, restaurants etc.

We were in walking distance to the Sussex Flea Market.
A flea market with over 800 vendors,  and 
lasts from Friday to Sunday each year, 
on the 3rd weekend of August.
We went for one day only. 
Surprisingly, we didn't buy much.

Looks like we ate a lot.

We didn't fill our carts, but didn't regret having them..
We didn't have to carry our water, 
lunch and purse while walking all day. 
We only covered about 1/2 of the market..

One thing I did buy were these Victorian eggcups, 
used for hen and goose eggs. 
The can be inverted and each end used.
I will probably use them in an Easter decoration.

Sussex is home of the Iconic Barbours Company.
Tea, King Cole Tea, spices etc.

Lovely beaches along the way.


Lots of Acadian settled here.

Canada, New Brunswick and Acadian

Shediac is known as the "lobster capital of the world".

New Brunswick, a beautiful province to visit.
 Other places we visited in New Brunswick last year, 
click on the name to view.
Kingsbrae Gardens
St. Andrews By The Sea, 
Visiting Grand Manan Island and It's 3 Lighthouses, 

We hope to explore another
 Maritime province this year,
in our beautiful country.

Thanks for your visit xo.