Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Autumn 2021

 It has been a nice Autumn
 this year, here in the Gaspé.

Covid counts are going down 
with people being vaccinated 
and having passports. 

I am sharing some photos
I took here and there. .
The colours of Autumn. 

I have deer coming to visit.
I do leave some apples 
near this spot for them.

A buck enjoying the berries 
from a Mountain Ash tree

This was the first day of hunting season 
that he came into the yard.

They also eat apples on the ground
that fall from the tree. 

A Maple Tree
turns glorious colours

Fall Asters 

Lots of leaves have fallen.

Hostas are beautiful
before going asleep for Winter.

Virginia Creeper
 climbed to the birdhouses.

Mountain Ash tree has
 plenty of berries this year.

After the leaves have fallen.
Food for wildlife.

Whimsical look of Daylillies

Golden leaves of Shieldleaf,

A young Butternut Tree


In the Woods

We've had a lot rain in October.

A Witches Broom/
A deformity in a tree.

A golfball in the forest?
Possibly dropped by a bird.
Possibly a Crow or Ravin.

At the beach
So peaceful in Autumn.

The town of Bonaventure in the distance.

Day's brook below.
It appears smaller because
 I'm standing on a cliff. 

Fall winds bring in 
a lot of beach wood;
And other things...

Also some treasures,
if you collect seagrass.

Sundown at the Dock

This lighthouse was moved from
its original location in the 90's.
It used to be close
 to where I grew up.

Below, an old photo
someone sent me recently.
Its original location.
The revolving light would shine 
in our upstairs window.
Our beacon in the night.

A lot of seaweed on 
the beach in Bonaventure
from high winds and huge waves.

Sister Annie

Beautiful Fall Sunsets 

Bye for now.
Thanks for your visit.
Stay safe and stay well.


I am pleased to announce that our gardens have
been featured in the Gaspe Spec Newspaper.
That's me and my sister Annie in the photo.
We made it on the front cover. 😃
Thanks to Journalist Diane Skinner
for this lovely article. 


  1. So, so many glorious photos to drink in, Thelma. Autumn is always a season filled with glorious hues. Those deer are sweet. How wonderful they visit your garden. Love, love, love the virginia creeper climbing it's way up the letterboxes. How lovely it would have been to have the beacon of light from the lighthouse, shining in your room at night. Your photos have imbued a sense of peace into my day; thank you.

  2. I'm so loving your photos...truly is lovely there. YOUR deer look so healthy. And I have to look up about the witch's broom interesting. Our hostas were gold too this year...strangely, normally they are green here until heavy frost and then they seem to melt into the ground. Hugs, lovely Fall photos! Sandi

    1. Thanks Sandi. This yr. the Hostas were such beautiful Fall colours. It must depend on the temperature and rainfalls. We had a lot of rain in Oct.

  3. As an old photographer myself I loved seeing all your beautiful images of Fall. It doesn't seem quite as colorful as it used to here in mid-Michigan. Unseasonably warm some of the time, too. Maybe it's just the particular year. My back yard borders a wildlife area in our city and I have deer visit quite often. They like to nibble in my flower beds--hostas, in particular but also new growth on my roses, too, or just about anything else! Many people consider them nuisances but I like them and enjoy waching them when they come. So I enjoyed your lovely photos of the beautiful animals that visit you.

    Being inland we don't have picturesque lighthouses like there are on the Great Lakes so I enjoyed seeing your images of the one near you and your sharing of the special memory of growing up with it shining in your bedroom window.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and your thoughts, Thelma.

  4. What a beautiful Fall you have:-))) I wish one day I could go to the USA in the autumn time.

  5. Oh thelma, what absolutely marvelous photos! The clarity is fabulous and beautiful subject. Love those deer and any lighthouse captures my heart! I'm so very happy that Covid is easing up in the Gaspe. We're spiking again and it's a bit scary. I know you're counting your blessings with that!


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