Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas 2021

 I would like to wish everyone
 a Merry Christmas. 
We have to try to maintain some 
Christmas Cheer as we are
 in this Covid Crisis. 
My Christmas plans with
 family have been cancelled
 as well as a trip to 
New York in January. 
Our province is near 10,000 cases
and expected to rise over the holidays.
My sister Annie and I are staying
home and obeying restrictions,
spending time watching Netflix. 

I did a lot of baking in the last
months.  I gave a lot away
as gifts and mailed some to 
family and friends. 

It's the first time I baked biscotti.
A twice baked hard cookie that
is dipped in coffee or other drinks.
Almond Biscotti

For the recipes following, 
click on the name.
I made this one with dried cranberries.

I also made for the first time,
an Austrian moon cookie.

Orange flavoured Cranberry Sauce,
to go with my Christmas turkey.

Apple flavoured Cranberry Sauce
and gave some as gifts. 

I made some Lemon Cookies.
and some other traditional 
Christmas cookies.

Some Christmas decorations.

On the wall behind the tree,
At a Thrift Shop, I found this
London Telephone Booth Photo.
A memory of a trip to London. 
Canvas on a wooden frame.
We  illuminated it with some 
battery lights behind.
The red blends in with the tree. 

Some other photos

Ghomes are very popular this year. 

Plaid adds some nice touches

A small silver tree

Remember those glass blocks 
 that were used for walls, etc.
This one is painted with lights inside.

A beautiful gift painted by Sylvie.
My daughters sister-in-law.

She also painted this on glass

I made these placemats last year with 
photocopied music sheets covered in plastic. 

Merry Christmas to everyone.
We have to have HOPE 
that 2022 will be a
better year.  Stay safe
and stay healthy. xo



  1. Oh Thelma, I am sorry your Christmas Day plans have all gone astray. So, so sorry too that you had to cancel your trip to New York. I must say though, your home is a beautiful Christmas wonderland! Your tree is gorgeous! Everything looks merry and bright, glistening with Christmas cheer. Your baking looks delicious. I hope you and your sister enjoying your day anyway, eating your delicious baking whilst you watch a great movie or two♡

  2. Thelma, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas even though your plans changed a bit. We just have to be careful for ourselves as I don't think it is going to get much better for awhile anyway. At least we can hope for a healthy and Happy New Year and I hope your Christmas was a Merry one..xxoJudy

  3. Dear Thelma. We were so fortunate to spend our Christmas with our kids, who fortunately work from home all but one. I can feel for you having to isolate after such a long time. We just haven't gone out much with the variant. I ordered 80% of everything online...and the rest was deemed unnecessary...LOL. Hugs, and I'm sure all those delicious gifts were totally appreciated. Gifts from the heart are always remembered. May you have a Happy New Year and good health! HUGS, Sandi

  4. Your house is so cheery and happy. I love your tree and that fabulous London phone booth photo! What a find! And your baking! I did biscotti, too -- only my second time but it was very good. Your cookies are shop-worthy! I love your lemon mittens. I always do the frosted sugar cookies and didn't this year, though I might when we can finally see the kids. (Our celebration was a Covid Christmas, too). But somehow, all so nice. I don't go out much! I'm glad the holiday was lovley , despite the change in plans. We're in a surge as well, and it's scary. So we lay low.

    Sending all good wishes for a very happy new year to you!


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