Monday, February 15, 2021

Looking Back At 2020

Looking back on last year 2020.
A year the world changed.

Sharing some colour in our 
snow covered surroundings
with flowers.
We had a very dry Summer
last year and my gardens,
especially the vegetable 
 garden, didn't do so well.

Nasturtiums are hardy and 
survive in most types of soil.
I collect the seeds after the flowers finish
blooming, and start them from seed each year.

Most of my flowers are perennials.

Black Hollyhocks

Hollyhock Bush


a tall exotic plant

Hostas are a low maintenance plant
and grow well in the shade.
Also pretty in Autumn.

 Hosta flowers, a source
of food for Hummingbirds.

Peony Buds


Helenium a favourite flower

My apple trees were attached by sapsuckers.

Wrapped in burlap to deter them,
and removed for the Winter.

Wild Grasses

Wild Roses
Duchess of Portland Roses

An inspector.....before
 my sister Annie stained The Wishing Well.

Autumn colours from the balcony.

We had a lot of tourists in our region
 of Gaspé last Summer because other
 provinces closed their borders due to the Covid.
This photo was taken in the Fall
Sealife enjoying the beach.

I stayed home most of the Summer.
My daughter and family come to visit. 
We did take a day trip to Mount Lyall 
in the Chic-Chock mountains.
We mined on a ancient volcano with an
open mine pit, and brought home
some geodes and thundereggs, etc.

Beach stones for my garden path.
Painted by Sabrina and Matthew

on Canada Day, July lst.

Adding colour and interest to the path.

I hope this blog put some colour in your day.

This week, our Prime Minister announced
new restrictions on non-essential travellers, 
 coming into Canada by air or land.  
A covid test necessary, before entering 
and after arriving, also quarantine for
   14 days required. 

Take care and stay safe.
Thanks for your visit xo