Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Carmen's Garden.

March, 2016
While waiting for the snow to melt,
 I am looking back on photos 
of flowers from last year.
I am sharing a few of my 
friend Carmen's flowers.
Carmen has an English Garden.
 She is in her late 90's.  
Carmen really doesn't look or act her age.

Carmen is an inspiration;
an amazing and talented lady.
we share the same passion for gardening.
Many of my flowers came from her garden.

These are Iceland Poppies.
They are annual flowers
 that reseed themselves.

The path to her backyard garden,
on the left side of the path,
 is her succulents plant 
garden, amongst rocks,  
she collected from the beach. 
Weather permitting, 
she takes a walk on the 
nearby beach each morning.

 The poppy pods contain seeds
 that fall to the ground 
and some of them grow
 the following year.

They are a double flower ~ so pretty. 

Below - around her composter, grows chamomile.
Chamomile  can be used as a herbal tea 
to serve various medicinal purposes.

A place to relax.
and enjoy nature.
A haven for birds and bees.

Below is the path to her greenhouse. 
On both sides is her herb/vegetable garden. 
that She takes care of herself.

A decorated flower pot.



A type of climbing vine below~
 pretty pink flowers.

I took these pics in the bright noon sun.
(not a good time to take photos.)

Carmen on the beach.

I hope you've enjoyed Carmen's Garden.

Thanks for your visit.


To view Carmen's Spring Garden click here.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Easter Tea

An Easter tea table
set with pink chinaware.
Vintage bunnies add
a touch of childhood charm.

It's maple sugar time here in Quebec.
Time to taste all the sweet goodness
 in our maple products.
I am serving maple cupcakes.

Below, Binky is eyeing the cupcakes

A bird nest in a Sadler teacup.
Spring...a time for rebirth.

~Lilly, Binky and Misty~

Sadler teapot

Bone china teacups below from England.                1. Regency, June Rose,     2 and 3 -Colclough,              4. Lady Eleanor-Queen Anne.

These delicious maple cupcakes contain no sugar
just the sweetness of pure maple syrup.
My recipe you'll find  here.

Lilly is longing to go outside.
Thanks for visiting my blog. xo

All pics are my sole original property.

Have a Blessed Easter

Friday, March 18, 2016

A Spring Tea

I am having friends for tea.

Here in Quebec, 
Spring time is "maple sugar time".
Sap is collected from the maple trees
and maple syrup is made.
Cold freezing nights and warmer days are a factor in the sap running.
Approx. 80% of the world's maple syrup production is made here in Quebec. 

It's time to taste all the sweet goodness
in our maple sugar products.

Today, I am serving yogurt tea biscuits. with homemade pure maple butter/cream.
This is the first time I made this delectable butter/cream.
A tedious chore, well worth the effort.

Under the glass dome below 

Which pretty yellow teacup would you choose?

A vintage tablecloth
100% linen.

Yellow Roses

Maple Syrup

The teapot is Gibson and Sons,
 Windsor Art Ware, Burslem, England.
I paid $2. at a church sale for it. (brand new)

All the teacups are bone china from England
 The teacup below is Elizabethan by Taylor and Kent, 

Royal Albert  4396

H and K - Tunstall

Grosvenor  B164


The empty syrup makes a great napkin holder.
I use this year around in my kitchen and
on my patio in the summer.

Visit my post on a visit to a  sugar shack.

Thanks for your visit. xo