Sunday, January 19, 2020

Grannies Assembled An Ikea Cabinet.

My sister Annie bought a glass cabinet 
 to display her beautiful blue glass collection.

 She needed a cabinet that would display
 her glass and keep it free of dust.
unlike the shelves below.

We found one at Ikea.
It's no secret that mostly all of 
 Ikea furniture comes in a box 
and needs to be assembled.

An instruction book comes with it
with photos.

The cabinet came in two heavy boxes.
After a few weeks on the living room floor,
We decided to try to put it together
and if we needed help, we would 
call backup.

Some of the hardware

After putting together the base,
the frame was put in place.

Annie screwing in the bars

The corners are in place.
They are heavy metal.

Here I am assembling the top.

Then there is a bar in the middle at 
the back to hold the glass and shelves.
We thought it was in the front for the doors.
This piece was the most complicated to do.
After studying the photo,
we had it.

 Time for a break, before we had to deal with all the glass.
At this point we're feeling like we've done well.
We weren't sure if we could handle the glass.

We continued on, 
putting the heavy glass panels in the
 back and sides without breaking any.

Studying the photos is important.

The shelves

Finally the doors.

They were easier than we anticipated.

I can't believe we did it and didn't need help!
Grannies can do it. 

We washed all the blue glass...50 pieces.
and placed them in the new cabinet.

Side view

All locked up and safe.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Travel and Hiking Adventures Of The Last Decade.

Looking back on some of my travel and
 hiking adventures of the years 2010-2020.
Time sure passes fast.
Blogging is a great way to remember.

I limited it to 11 posts.
To view more of each post, 
click on the name.

Visiting Disney World with Grandkids.
They have really grown up since them.

Hiking Mont Jacques Cartier In The 
Chic-Choc Mountains Of The Gaspé  ~ 2014
And seeing Caribou...
 a herd in danger of  becoming extinct.

Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island.
Both my son, Daniel and
 daughter, Suzanne and families were visiting.

Butterflies Go Free ~ 2017
At the Montreal Botanical Gardens

Montreal Botanical Gardens ~ 2017

The Sunshine Coast  ~Vancouver

 A Rain Forest In B.C. Canada ~2017

Hiking In Forillon Park - Gaspé.
Searching for a Lighthouse. - 2018

St. Andrews By The Sea - N.B. ~ 2019

Visiting London ~ 2018
A trip of a Lifetime.
My first time flying across the Atlantic.

Visiting The Isle Of Wight ~ 2018
Searching For Our Roots

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

My Most Popular Posts Of The Last Decade.

I am sharing some of my popular
 posts from the years 2010-20.

I limited it to 11 posts,
I tried to share a variety...
 Summer flowers,  a tea, 
collections, Christmas,
 a view of the woods, beach
and different seasons.

To view the full post,
click on the name.

Summer Flowers  - August 2016

Terra-Cotta Pots - May 2015

My friend Carmen was 96 yrs. (young), this January.
check out her garden.

The Cabin In The Woods ~ Nov. 2017.

50 Shades Of Green - Mar. 2015 

The Beach - Baie des Chaleur - Gaspé ~  2017
This is a 2 part blog post.

~ A Christmas Craft ~

September In The Garden ~ 2019
~ Flowers and Autumn's Bounty ~

A Valentine Luncheon ~ 2016 
 ~ A Church luncheon and rummage sale ~
An annual event. 

A Christmas Tree In Shades Of Pink ~ Dec. 2016
 I decorate a tree each year in a different theme.
This one is in memory of my sister 
Judy who passed away in October 2016

Tea Cups and Roses ~ 2016 
One of my many teas.

My blog, my journal.
A great way to look back and remember....
how things change, time passes so fast.

Next,  my travel adventures of the decade.
Come back again...

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