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Visiting London And Travel Tips

My daughter Suzanne, and I visited London
last September. We stayed for 8 days.

 I added the links at the end of this blog
of other sites we visited.

This blog post is on London,
 an incredible city,
with ancient surroundings,
 endless structures from
 2000 yrs. history and 
 amazing architecture.

On our first morning, 
we took a tour bus around the city.
I snapped some photos from the bus.

Below is the Canada House,
Canadian Embassy in Trafalgar Square.

I am very grateful to my 
daughter, Suzanne who 
took the time to plan and
 make an itinerary for our trip.

When Her Majesty, the Queen, 
is not in England, away visiting
 her home in Scotland,
 Balmoral Castle,
public visits are allowed
 at Buckingham Palace, Windsor 
 Castle and the Windsor Tower etc.
Suzanne bought tickets in advance on line,
 which saved time when visiting these sites. 

Our Itinerary .
We didn't follow it exactly.
We did switch some days.

Our Hotel, The Burns Best Western, 
Barkston Garden, Kensington,
was very well situated. Paid for
 with Air Miles, reward miles.
 included complimentary 
breakfast and free wifi.
 Close to Earl Court Subway
 and in walking
distance to Kensington Palace,

We used Google Maps 
and walked a LOT.
Suzanne has a fit-bit 
which calculated our steps.
Wearing comfortable shoes
 is very important.

Some photos around London.
Piccadilly Circus Square

Below, the "Admiralty Arch" 
leading to Buckingham Palace, 
An archway at the entrance
 of The Mall that was 
built by Edward V11 in
 the memory of this mother,
Queen Victoria.

Trafalgar Square, 
A public square located 
in Central London,
surrounded by museums, 
galleries, historic buildings,
 statues and fountains.

U.S. Embassy

A lot of Statues here.
On the far left is 
Florence Nightingale's Statue.

The Ritz.

Aspinal Of London.
exclusive leather goods
 for men and woman.

The Royal Court of Justice.
The largest Court House 
in Europe

Westminister Abbey
A Gothic Church in Westminster .

Great architect work.

Suzanne below,
 we were very early in the morning.

 King Henry V
Statue beside the Abbey

Big Ben under renovations

A four year project.

St. Paul's Cathedral.
 A 17th century,
 Anglican cathedral, 

The entrance to Cathedral
with a statue of Queen Anne
During her rein, 
 in 1707, England, 
Scotland and Ireland, 
 united as a single s
Sovereign State,
  know as Great Britain.

London Parliament
and Big Ben.

We walked across 
Westminster Bridge.
The House of Parliament
 and Big Ben in view.

The Houses of Parliament's 
roof under renovations.

Barriers,  to keep cars from  
entering the pedestrian lane 
on the Westminster Bridge after
 a terrorist attach in 2017.
They drove a van through this
walkway, killing 8 people.

The Westminster Bridge,
 House of Parliament,
 Westminster Abbey and
 St. Paul's Cathedral,
are all close together in this area,
which makes it easy for tourists to visit.

Beside the Parliament

A Statue by A. Rodin

Parliament is under high security.

The London Eye
An observation wheel,

Some photos on our
 walks in Kensington

Kensington Court Gardens.
Where parts of the
 "Paddington Bear" 
movie was taped.
Suzanne word for a Visual Effects Co. 
and they did some work on this movie.

Our first Supper we ate here.
The King's Head Pub.
 Great fish n' chips.

.Mark and Spencer
A new type of eatery, food outlets,
where you can pick up anything from
 a fresh made sandwich, fresh salads,
 or meat meals to warm
 up in the microwave.
Inexpensive and healthy.

We would add
 a baguette and dip.
And eat in the park or
 the garden behind our hotel.

We used public transport for most 
of our travelling around London.

 I love these beautiful
 bright royal coloured buses.

The Subway/Underground
has a line that 
goes directly to Heathrow Airport.
An "oyster card" is a ticket you buy,
 and it can be used for 
the buses and subway.
We avoided taxis as they
 are very pricey in London.

That's all for now.
You can visit other sites
 that I visited during 
my trip to this
 incredible place.
Thanks for your visit 

 Click on the name to view.
Buckingham Palace,      Visiting Windsor Castle,
Kensington Palace,        Afternoon Tea At Kensington Palace
Visiting The Isle Of Wight.     and    Royal Botanic Gardens - Kew
London Tower Bridge and Thames River Cruise.
and Tea At Harrods.


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