Thursday, July 30, 2020

Summer Flowers

We are at the end of July already.
Summer is passing fast.
I hope everyone is staying well and 
safe during this pandemic.
I am sharing some photos of my flower garden.

Nasturtiums, I start from seed each year.

So bright and pretty. 

"Willow Way"
My Grandson, Mathieu made this sign.
My Weeping Willow tree needs some trimming.

The Purple Bridge

Pansies or Johnny Jump-ups


Nice foliage on these flowers,
even after the flowers are gone.

Can anyone identify these tall fluffy flowers?


I have other colours
flowering later.

This plant grew huge

Golden Marguerite.

Hosta in flower

Wild Roses
a sweet scented rose.

Peonies flowered and didn't last long this year.
Probably because of lack of rain in June.

Wild grasses

A tall exotic plant.

Goldenrod, a pretty wildflower.

A wildflower bouquet.

Milkweed, goldenrod, Queen-Ann Lace, pink and 
white musk, daisies, tansy, vetch and bluebells.

We are surrounded by so many beautiful wildflowers.

I hope you enjoyed my garden tour.
Stay well and keep safe.

Thanks for your visit đź’—

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Canada Day 2020

It's a different Canada Day this year.
We're following regulations
of a pandemic, like the rest of the world.

Despite record breaking heat and dry weather here,
my flowers are flowering beautifully,
even though it has not rained in over a month. 
Fireworks were not allowed this year
because of the increase of forest fires,
across the province.

Two of my Grandkids, Sabrina and Mathieu,
came to visit last week.
Sabrina my granddaughter,
helped decorated the Gazebo.

We hung paper lanterns from the roof.

I cut some Oriental poppies and made a bouquet.

Added white to the pitcher, 
snow-in-summer and caraway

The poppy is the official flower 
of the Royal Canadian Legion,
memorializing our soldiers 
who fought for our country.
 The Royal Canadian Legions 
are closed during this pandemic.

Poppies beside the old Hayraker

 The Grandkids did crafts,
 played games and visited the beach.
They collected some rocks on the beach
and painted them to add to the garden path.

Sabrina made my garden shed
her art studio.

Sabrina and Mathieu

They are growing up.
They are taller than me.

The garden path...

At the beach.

It's easy to physical distance there.
It may change after the tourists arrive,
for Summer vacation.

Sabrina and Mathieu with
 cute dog Pinot.

We played horseshoe.

Mathieu didn't feel well all week.
He had an earache, (Swimmer's Ear).

A lot of things are different this year,
We are in a drought, no rain for over a month. 
I have no birds at the feeders.
I assume they are staying in the woods
where it is cooler and near the lakes
to get water. 

I got the winning ringer.
 We also repainted these garden 
houses that I've had for many yrs.
I got them at the Dollarstore when it
first opened here. 
Mine is in the middle.
Sabrina painted the 2 others.

Annie's is the first one.
 It's missing some parts of the roof.
However, she made it look beautiful. 

Mathieu choose black and white.

A before pic.

The kids were toddlers 

when they first painted them 
many yrs. ago.

We had a feed of lobsters.

In front of home we can see

the fishing boats in early morning

My sister Annie painted
this heart rock.
We are gratefully to live
in a Wonderful Country, Canada. 

In closing I want to wish all my Canadian friends
A Happy Canada Day and all my American friends
on July 4th, a Happy Independence Day.
Stay safe and well. 

Thanks for your visit xo..