Monday, October 18, 2021

Making A Garden Orb

 My old barrel was falling apart
after many years of holding flowers.
I decided to buy a new one.
I made a Garden Orb
with the old rusty bands/staves 
It was my first time making one.

It was also my first time drilling in metal.
I used the largest drill bit I had. 1/4 inch.
I drilled a hole through each band separately
and aligned them together.
 My sister Annie helped hold them in
place as I screwed a long screw into the holes
and into a post below. A 3 inch screw.
Then I place large head nails between 
each band to keep them from moving. 

I used the 1/4" bit
and 2 inch nail.

I screwed it on a 5x5 cedar post
 that I had on hand, 3 ft. long.
(A 4x4 will do also.)

I had no idea how I was going to make it stand up.
My sister Annie came up with a brilliant idea.
Place it in a cement "builders block" 
which I had on hand also.
It fit in one side and we placed a few small pieces
of wood to secure it straight. It will never fall.
I placed some metal pieces in the other
 side temporarily until I come up with 
a better idea maybe I will plant flowers in it.

The builders block could also be hidden
by digging down and hiding it in the earth.
Or hide it with something rusty.

To hide the nails and screw,
I placed a rusty old stove cover on top

On the top of the orb,
I wired the staves together with rubber covered wire.
(It would have been better screwed together
also, I never got around to doing it.)
I will probably put a screw and 
nut to secure it better.

I placed this metal cup that I found.
(I have no clue what that was used for)
The wire seems to keep it secure. 

I decorated with some
lights from the Dollarstore.
and decorated the post with small
ornaments of rust. 

I'm pleased with the way it turned out.
It does add rustic charm and
 focus to the garden.

I would like to find another band/stave to
place horizontal to the middle.
Also maybe something to fit into the orb.

After placing it into the garden,
this encouraged me to add more rusty
things that I had in the shed.
Things I found when digging
and cleaning up the property.
And it evolved into a

Thanks for your visit and I hope
this was helpful.