Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Beach In Spring.


We have a late Spring this year with
 heavy snowfalls in March.
We are anxious for it to melt and 
see some green grass and flowers. 
My sister Annie and I have 
been visiting the beaches, 
taking advantage before 
the tourists arrive and
the snow melts and we
start gardening. 

Walking along the shore, 
listening to the waves and 
hunting for seaglass and other treasures. 
Today we visited Grandmas Beach. 
My Grandma has been gone
 many many years and
we have a lot of memories 
playing there as kids. 
So for us it will always be
 Grandmas Beach, also
known as Fauvel Beach. 

We planned to visit the 3 waterfalls in the photo.

The road to the beach is still snow 
covered,  from large snow drifts.
We careful trudged down to the shore.

It was 10 deg. C with sun and clouds in the sky,
with snow still lingering close to shore,
where water from high tides doesn't reach.

At low tide we can walk
around these rock and
get to the beach going east.

We got as far as 2 waterfalls.
Clouds were low.
We decided to head back.

The beach here is relatively clean, 
with only a few driftwood trees.

also an egg, the Easter Bunny left behind 😁

Some of our treasures.

I met an old school friend on another beach
a few days ago and she told me that if I
find a gray piece of seaglass,
 which is very rare to find,
 to say a prayer for someone in need.

By chance, 
Annie finds this huge piece 
of gray seaglass today.

To my amazement, 
I find this beautiful piece of yellow glass.

It's a year for beautiful colours
that we've never found here before.

We bogged back up the hill 
and return home, 
satisfied of our adventure,
on Grandmas Beach. 

Happy Spring
Thanks for your visit.