Friday, January 8, 2021

Winter In The Woods ~ Life In Lockdown

We are welcoming a new year
unfortunately,  still in a pandemic. 

Our Premier Legault, announced 
new measures for our province of Quebec.
 We are in a total lockdown with
 a curfew at night, for the next
4 weeks, all stores and businesses
 are closed, except for essential services.
Schools are closed until Jan 11th, maybe longer.
Students are learning from home.
Face masks are mandatory in all public places.
I don't object to this lockdown.
We're hoping this will lessen the number of covid cases.

On the brighter side, We have 
 two vaccines in progress.
Our Prime Minister Trudeau predicts 
that by September, those who wish to be
  be vaccinated, will be.

All photos taken with my phone.

We are allowed to take daily walks
as long as we stay in our bubble. 

The woods is beautiful in Winter,
here in Quebec.
The deciduous tree have lost their
leaves and it's so peaceful, with only
the sound of birds and nature's beauty. 

We take a daily walk to get some fresh air.





Frozen leaves in the ditch.

Fungus/fungi with some snow.

I want to wish you all a 
Happy New Year.
Stay safe and stay well.

Also good wishes to my American
friends and all American citizens,
on the inauguration of
their new President Biden.


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