Thursday, November 16, 2023

Autumn Bliss

 We welcomed Autumn
with its beautiful colours.
I am late in posting this blog.


Rowan berries
on the Mountain Ash tree.
The robins feasted on them
before their long trip South.

I hung some up to dry to add
 to my Christmas wreaths.

Spirea bush
An interesting colour.

Barberry Bush

A long lasting Autumn
flower in bloom.

Huge Loosestrife leaf 

 Amur Maple

I took some seeds.

Wild Mushrooms/Fungi
interesting displays
 here and there.

My Geraniums were beautiful this year.

I had red, pink and purple ones.

I wanted to keep some for next year, so 
I cut some pieces/slips of my 
geraniums and put them to root.
It took a few weeks before roots appeared.

I planted them in pots,
 along with some
I had chipmunks that ate
most of my hens'n'chickens
So I took out a few to
save them and plant
them inside for the Winter.

I hope they survive 

We are now in November.
The leaves have all fallen.
Snow will here soon.

Happy Fall!

Thanks for your visit