Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Lighthouses Of Vancouver.

Last August, I visited my son Daniel
 and family, across Canada, in Vancouver.
I had a great two weeks, spending time
 with my two Grandsons, Louis and Jacob.

There were a lot of forest fires in B.C.
last year.  Hundreds of fires were
 burning throughout the province,
while we were there in August.

Poor air quality and a smoky haze
 prevented clear photos.

View from Daniel's home.

I am sharing two lighthouses, we visited.
One at Point Atkinson, in West Vancouver.
And another at Brockton Point, 
 in Stanley Park.

The light, a beacon in the night,
symbolizing safety and security,
 guided ships and boats for many years.

Each lighthouse has it's own
character,  history and legend.

The first one below is 
Atkinson Point Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built on granite boulders in 1914,
replacing the 1875 lighthouse.

To visit the lighthouse
we hiked The Valley Trail in
Lighthouse Park.

A beautiful trail along Burrard Inlet.

The most beautiful path,
I've ever walked on.

It was as if we were in "An Enchanting Forest".
somewhere in a fairy tale....

Tall tall trees.
Red cedars, Douglas firs...

Huge Woodpeckers here.

Louis and Jacob

In 1792 Captain George Vancouver,
 named this site Point Atkinson.

During World War 11, this station was used 
for surveillance,  on alert for enemy submarines or ships,
against a possible Japanese attack.
Fortunately it didn't happen.

Water for dogs and wildlife,
along the path.
(Spring water)

Our next Lighthouse is in Stanley Park,
a 1001 acre public park,
 bordering downtown Vancouver,
and English Bay.

Brockton Point Lightstation.

Built in 1914, replacing the first lighthouse in 1890.

An arched base with a walkway 
under the lighthouse

Beneath the Lighthouse


Clouds and smoke,
mostly smoke.

Flowers in Stanley Park

Cruise ship in the harbour.

The Seawall of Stanley Park.

Stanley Park Totem Poles

In the distance, 
we could see the Lions Gate Bridge,
suspension bridge, 
connecting Vancouver.

North Vancouver in view.

Thanks for your visit xo.

There are so many amazing sites to visit in 
this beautiful city of Vancouver.
from mountains, land and sea.

Other lighthouses I visited last year in Eastern Canada, 
where I live, "The Lighthouses Of Gaspé" click here. to view.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Happy Easter ~ Tablescape

After a long stormy cold Winter,
Spring is in the air,
It's nice to see sunshine
and the snow disappearing.

I set a table for an Easter Tablescape,
in a theme of flowers and pastel colours.
Using vintage dishes. 

The tablecloth is vintage polished-cotton fabric.

The bunny came from HomeSense.
And landed on my table. LOL

Ironstone eggcups.

Flowers from Michael's.
Our flowers are still snow covered

Some Easter treats

Vintage dishes
First one, made in Germany.

Vintage Grindley Hotelware eggcup.

Have a Blessed Easter 

Thanks for your visit xo