Friday, October 31, 2014

The EyeBall In The ATTIC

What is lurking behind the Attic Door.


When I bought this old house,
I was told a ghost lived in the attic.
Her name is Christine

She wears a long black dress.
She lived all her life in this house
A nice kind lady, a spinster.
Luckily for me I'm not afraid of Ghosts

Enjoy my little skit....A Halloween Story

Upon Opening the Attic Door,
there is a Hand and an Eyeball....

The Eyeball and the Hand.....


It's  Christine, she lives in the Attic

Isn't she boooo-ti-ful

My Dad knew the real Christine, 
she was a nice lady who lived in 
this house a long time ago.


Christine Greeted The Children Halloween Night

(An old doll I had for many yrs.) 

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The StairWay To The ATTIC

What is lurking.......Behind the Attic Door

What lurks behind ......The Attic Door

The stairway in the house to attic.
and, its lined with Ghosts, It's Halloween

They are dancing with Joy

Bats....flying overhead

 Ugly Bats

 They love the Bats...


 A Spider Has Spun His Web

A Black Cat Appears.....


The Cat Scares Away the Bats

A Halloween Cat

 As Darkness Falls Upon The Land...
It's Time To Go To Bed Again....
Goodnight Sweeties....

Most of the Props in My Story
are Wood Crafts I made in the 90's.
 Wood Crafting was popular back then.
After many years packed away,
they look happy to be back....

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn at My Place

Welcome Inside

My Kitchen 

Kitchen Witches in my old Crock

Pumpkin Goons in another Crock 
In the Cabinet 

 My Heritage Cabinet

Wooden Pumpkins - I used to have 3, the largest one is missing

A Harvest Moon 

Falling Leaves 
For many years these Pumpkins decorate my stove top in Autumn
A Kitchen Broom

Let's Go Outside     

A wild Bouquet 

Most of the Crafts in my pics
are Wood Crafts that I made in the 90's.
 Wood Crafting was popular back then.

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all pic are my sole original property

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Parsley is an annual Herb,
 it contains zero cholesterol and fat,
 but rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.
 I use it a lot in my cooking.

In the Spring, I planted one small plant from the Grocery Store (IGA)
 and it grew very well in my garden.(with little care)
It could also be planted in a flower box
or a pot inside

I cut my Parsley and washed them in a clean sink 
filled with water and dried them with Scott Towel
To Dry Your Parsley, gather all of your harvested sprigs into loose bundles.
Be sure to pick out any  discolored or unhealthy leaves.
Secure them with a soft twine or dental floss.
Hang them in a warm, dry and preferably dark place.
My herbs hanging to dry
 After two-three weeks, your parsley should be dry and crumble to the touch. 
Strip the parsley of the stocks with your fingers.

I use a hand blender to chop the Parsley finer

Place in jars or store in a cool dry place. enjoy....

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Autumn Garden Tour

Autumn is beautiful in this part
of the world, Eastern Canada. 
Color change in leaves occur wherever
deciduous trees are found and 
it is harvest time when all the planting
and caring for during summer months 
are collected, farmers cutting grain to 
feed their animals during the long 
coming winter and fruits on trees have
been picked and preserves made .

Here are some pic from my Garden

Maple Tree

My Swiss Chard - Before

Swiss Chard......after the Deer Raided My Garden

There he is...that's him....

Bird Food

Barberry, I found this bush growing in the woods,
 the birds must have carried the seeds there 

I love Tamarack Trees, a fast  growing deciduous tree.

their delicate soft branches turn yellow
 in Autumn and they become nude in Winter.

Tiger Lilies, this pic was taken earlier in August
I included in My Autumn Album 
because of the pretty Orange color.

Summer Savory Drying (above)

Transparent Apples

Mexican Sunflowers


Rowan/Mountain Ash Tree, Leaves changing colour

High Bush Cranberries


The Last Rose of Summer

Honeycrisp Apples




Beautiful Sunsets on the Baie de Chaleur

Your mind is a garden,
your thoughts are the seeds,

The harvest can be either flowers or weeds."
•*❇~Author Unknown

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