Thursday, March 30, 2017

Visiting A Cannery ~ Steveston, B.C.

 one of my favourite seaside villages 
to visit, when I'm in Vancouver. 
It's part of Richmond, B.C.
 at the mouth of the Fraser River 
and was once the largest 
 cannery centre of the West Coast.

This Cannery is no longer in operation, 
 now a National Historic Site,
 operated by Parks Canada.

Built in 1894 and operated until 1979.
I am sharing some photos of our visit.

My daughter, Suzanne and I flew across
Canada to visit my son Daniel and family, 
during March break, a school break, and visited
the Museum with my Grandson, Louis.

The green fence is construction at the time.

The board walk with restaurants and shops

Steveston is still home to the largest 
Salmon run in North America and 
to the largest fleet of commercial  
 fishing vessels on the B.C. coast.

My Grandson Louis.

Inside the Cannery
Herring Fishermen demonstration 

A few photos of some of the old machinery used for the canning.

Below the 'filled cans'  go into the oven for cooking.

In the early years of production,
a hand missing a finger was a
common sight in the cannery.
An employee with all his/her fingers
was a new employee...Yikes....
Also, it's possible some fingers could have
ended up with the salmon in the cans.👀😑
Thank God for modernization. 

The building is built on water.
The "guts" from the fish being cleaned,
passed directly through a hole in the
floor, food for the fish below.

Below, outside, fishermen bringing in a herring net.

Modern canneries are in production 
along the Fraser River.

.A little tugboat towing a barge.

My favourite salmon
Pacific - Red Salmon.

We had lunch here

 Of course,  we had, Fish N Chips

Suzanne and Louis

 Suzanne photo taken from the tower
Louis and I climbed the tower. 

Home to a lot of bald eagles.

We bought some fresh salmon at the dock
and cooked it on the B.B.Q.
Sprinkled Olive oil on top, with seafood spices
wrapped in aluminum foil and it was delicious. 

Some my favourite recipes on canned salmon below:
Click on the name for my recipe.


The cannery in Steveson is
a great place to visit, if you are in Vancouver.
Also to walk or cycle around and visit the shops
in this beautiful picturesque seaside town,
and take in the amazing view of the fishing port.

Thanks for your visit