Thursday, October 29, 2020

Autumn 2020

 I'm sharing some photos of Autumn
 before we get into snow and Winter.
It's getting colder and we did get a
few flakes of snow this week.
Gladly it melted away.
I'm not ready for snow yet.

Ferns and a Daylily


Hostas are so pretty in the Fall

Soloman's Seal, a wildflower.
After the flowers, they go to seed.
These seeds are pretty but toxic.

The Highlight of my garden this Summer.
I planted two red cabbage plants in an old barrel.
They grew huge. Because of my soil, they
turned purple.

It's been very dry here during the growing season
and the rest of my garden
didn't do so well.

Both delicious.

In the same barrel I also planted parsley.
I dry it for later use.

Tamarack trees are so pretty in the Fall,
with their soft leaves and golden colour.

Into the woods

A huge Barberry Bush.
The birds must have carried the seeds to the woods.
We dug up 4 plants and transplanted them at home.

The path goes for a about a mile in the woods.
We had to turn back.
About 1/2 way through, there were trees blown across the path.
A good neighbour clean the road
 and uses the fallen trees for firewood.

Also trees uprooted from the strong winds

I noticed my apple tree was being attacked by "Sapsuckers".
A bird that sucks the sap out of fruit trees.

I wrapped the trunk in burlap 
hoping to deter the culprits.
I removed the burlap for Winter.
Sapsuckers suppose to migrate during the Winter.
I hope they go far away and forget to come back.
Come Spring, I'll have to wrap them again.

With the Coronavirus out of control in our region,
we stayed home and kept busy.
We did a lot of staining and painting.

The leaves have all fallen now.

I stained the upstairs balcony.
The floor and railings.

Staining lattice is time consuming. 
My sister Annie.

She also refreshed the WishingWell.
and we moved it to a new location.

She had company,  inspecting the job.
My neighbours hen.

The beaches are deserted now.
We were overcrowded with tourist this Summer as
the Maritime provinces closed their borders due to Covid-19.

Sea-life enjoying the beach.

Annie on "that rock"
Many many yrs. ago Annie took the pic
of us on that rock. She didn't get in the pic.
The rock is still there after many
 yrs. of erosion all around it.
Behind has all eroded.

Kenny, Joyce, Judy, me and Carol

During the Summer, we dug ditches to
 drain some of the marshland/wetland.
The ditches were dry all Summer.
We did get rain this Fall.
It was nice to see water flowing in them.

Below, the dry ditch before the rains, 
The Weeping Willow tree has grown huge.
Willows are easy to propagate. 
 I started this one from a branch 
in water. 

Annie's young Sumac tree.

My front doors decorated for Autumn.
I used milk cans because they are heavy 
and the strong winds can't blow them away.

I found this poem in one of my Mom's books.
"Stay With Us Autumn"

At the back door,
Annie cut a branch from a tree in the woods
and it fit in a hole in the table.
Looks perfect for Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone
Stay home and stay safe.☺

Thanks for your visit đź’—