Sunday, March 29, 2020

Part Two - The Paintings On The Walls - Years 2000-2009

I am continuing my blog on the beautiful 
  paintings at Richmond Regional High School. 

I walk passed the school almost daily
 and everything is locked up and looks deserted.
Different from the hustle and bustle of students
coming and going when we visited there, 
alive with life.

Our world is in turmoil with this Covid-19 virus.
 We are all in quarantine and self-distancing.

I am missing some photos in this blog post and
 will get back one day, when all of this is behind us
and retake the photos.

If you missed Part One,
click here.

My country Canada is bordered by United States.
The photo below is our flags combined.
In memory of another tragedy we've experienced
during Sept. 2001 when the Twin Towers at New York
were bombed by terrorist and many lives lost.

Photos of the Graduating classes.
I start with 2009 and descend.
Again, I apologize for the poor quality photos,
taken with my old Samsung phone.




The circle in the middle is the School symbol/emblem 

Missing 2006






Missing 2001 and 2000

Come back for my last blog,  Part Three.

A special one, 
My children's graduation years.

Stay home and stay healthy.

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For Part Three ~ click here.
years 1983-99.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls For Gardening ~ Grow Your Own Food

I did this blog in 2014.
I'm revising it this year, 2020.

We are presently in a pandemic, Covid-19,
 and toilet paper has become a very
 popular item in our world.

Save your seeds from your tomatoes,
 cucumbers, peppers, etc., let them dry 
about a week, and plant them. 
I plant my seeds in starter pots made
from toilet paper and Scott Towel paper rolls.

It may not be easy to buy seedlings
this year and planting your own
 may be safer than going to a garden
 centre, if they are open... Plus it's
 a great idea to use up the massive
 amounts of toilet paper rolls that
 people are consuming. It's recycling,
 they are biodegradable and economical.

I put them in a large aluminum pan
 (a baking pan) that has a clear plastic cover on top.
This acts like a greenhouse and will keep in the moisture
until the plants are tall enough to remove it.

A lot of land isn't necessary to grow vegetables.
Vegetables can be planted in pots, on balconies
 or among flowers, and there's a lot of health 
benefits in growing your own food, including
mental health.


Cardboard is better than plastic.
Plastic is not good for the environment
and does not decompose.

Scott Towel and toilet paper rolls.

 Here's how I make the seedling pots:

Flatten the roll and make it square

Cut about 3/4 inch down each corner.

fold the corners interlocking

After filling the pots with soil, dampen the soil 
with water before planting the seeds.
(I need something with a small spout to water with
so I used this watering cup.)

I place the seed on top of the moist soil,
spray the seed with water,
and cover the seeds with 
a thin layer of soil.

About a week later

When the danger of frost has passed, 
I plant them in larger pots or my garden.
 In my colder region,
of Eastern Quebec, it is usually in June. 
I live in horticulture zone 4b.

Most of my flowers are perennials.
Below are 2 of my favourite annuals,
 I usually start indoors.

Heliotrope - an annual purple/blue 
flower with a vanilla scent, smells so nice.
The flowers dry to seeds that can be 
planted the next year. 

I like this plant in pots at the entrance.
Gives off a nice scent.
It also is a deterrent for mosquitos.

Amarante - Love Lies Bleeding,
 an annual flower also.

When the tassels hanging start to turn brown,
it's time to collect the seed. 

I plant these in an old barrel.
A cucumber plant hanging out.
Do you see the cucumber?

Tomatoes and Turnip

My little garden, If I'm able to get back home this Summer, I will enlarge it.
In the distance, is my rhubarb.

I am planning on enlarging my 
vegetable garden this year.
I did buy these seeds,
before this pandemic started.

Anyone in Quebec, I bought these at Canac Hardware Store.
They are open, (essential stores).
They were 49cent at the time.
Wish I had bought more.

Yellow and Green String Beans

For the first time I will try brussell sprouts and
these small sweet turnips 

One of my seed catalogues.

Order you seeds by mail

A nice variety of flowers and vegetables.

Squash and Pumpkins

Happy Gardening!
Stay home and stay safe.

Thanks to  The Sherbrooke Record 
newspaper for publishing this article:

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Annie's Rainbow Of Hope

Rainbows are appearing in windows 
around the world in this
 pandemic, Covid-19, virus.
We're hoping the virus will vanished soon 
and all be back to normal.

My sister Annie is crafty, and does buttoncraft.

She made a "Rainbow Of Hope",
with her buttons and pearls.

The clouds are made with pearls.

She has a few nautical buttons.
The orange anchor and the blue sailboat,
Annie spends her Summers in her native Gaspé,
where she enjoys spending time on the beach
at the Baie des Chaleur. 

Flowers at the bottom.

Our world is at a standstill.
The beautiful flowers at the bottom
remind us that Summer is coming, 
better days are ahead.

Annie is a senior.
We are the most at risk.

Ça Va Bien Aller!

We Will Be Ok!

Stay safe and stay well.
Stay home!
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