Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Part 3 ~ The Paintings On The Wall

This is my third blog post on
The Paintings On The Wall.
Paintings and signatures of
graduating classes from 
Richmond Regional High School.
from 2019 to 1983.

If you missed the first blog,
2010-19, click here.

If you missed the second blog,
2002-09,  click here

The borders remain closed between 
our neighbouring country United States.
during this pandemic. 

Our flags joined as one.

Painted as a tribute to victims of a terrorist attack
September 11. 2001, many lives were lost.

I am missing the year 2000,

Some photos got painted over or
replaced with the years.



South Park
"When You Wish Upon A Star"

"Our Time is Up"

"Fire Away Into the Future"

Missing 1994

My son, Daniel graduating year.
His hand print is on the right,
half way down in the middle.

His hand print.
Daniel went on to
graduate from Concordia University
in electrical engineering
and is living in Western Canada
with his family. 


Simply The Best


My daughter Suzanne's grad year.

Suzanne Bertrand, 
Suzanne graduated from Bishops,
Concordia and Harvard Universities,
in business. She is presently CFO for
a visual effects company in Montreal. 

Students Against Driving Drunk

The circle in the middle is the school symbol.

My niece
Caroline Lacombe

I have a few 
From the 80's


"Touch Of Class"

My nephew's Jim Brock's graduating year.
Unfortunately, the names faded away.


I like this one.

The End.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic,  
the students are still at home
and schools will not reopen on May 4th.,
as  previously predicted.
We must stay at home, stay safe and save lives. 

Thanks for your visit xo


  1. There have been some great artists over the years. What great murals. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thanks for your visit and nice comment. Here's hoping all is well on your beautiful island.
      Stay safe and well.

  2. That is a great and historic collection of paintings. My heart goes out to Quebecers as I watch the numbers rise. Although I traveled west with my family from Montreal as a child, my connections to the east is strong. Stay safe. Do take care and, hopefully, we all will have the patience and determination it will take to stay indoors as much as possible.

  3. Thanks for your visit Penelope. Yes, our senior homes have been hard hit here. Let's hope that this calms down for the Summer and we will be able to have a normal life again.

  4. Hi Thelma. Thanks for sharing all the paintings with us. The youth are so creative and have such hopeful minds for the future. May we all come out of this latest horror and see better days..Stay safe and well..xxoJudy


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