Thursday, June 19, 2014

Edging My Flowerbed

Edging keeps grass out of flower beds,
 makes mowing easier and
 improves the appearance of your property

I used a board to get a straight line;
 a flexible water hose can also be used for curves


Cut Straight down
Cut all the edge

Lift out the Grass creating a trench
This will  creates an airspace.
The roots of the grass will dry;
 preventing them to grow in your flower bed.

Shake of the excess soil back into the flower bed
Discard the Grass

I use this hand shovel to clean out the groove

All finished. 
I put Cedar Mulch to cut down on weeding.


This year, I edged around my hayracker

all pics are my sole original property.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Maintenance Free Flower Bed

I moved my Lilies to a new flower bed
 I made between some trees
I removed all the grass and put 
natural cedar mulch around  the plants 
I used cedar slabs for edging 
This will prevents grass from
 growing into the Flower Bed
and helps retain moisture.

The advantages of this Flower Bed are:
  1. Less grass to mow.
  2. No trimming necessary around the trees. 
  3. Cuts down on weeding time.

 Day Lilies and Tiger Lilies

Cedar Slabs are inexpensive,
they are available at any Sawmill.
(My brother has a sawmill.)

I leave on the bark, eventually it will come of. 
The wood is still nice under and 
will last for many years.

Cedar wood doesn't readily absorb
 moisture and tends to lie flat and straight.

As my Lilies grow, I will make the 
bed wider, probably next Spring.

My Astlibe Garden

Below is my Astilbe Flower Bed. 
Astilbes like shade, this bed is on
 the North side of the house.

I made this bed 6 yrs. ago. 

Every few yrs. cedar mulch is 
added as it decomposes.


The Cedar Slabs have Aged Nicely
(6 yrs.)

I use natural cedar mulch around the plants
to cut down on weeds

Cedar mulch helps retain moisture 
improves quality of soil as it decomposes
A natural Repellent for Cats,  Earwigs and Ants.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Mulching My Strawberry Patch

    Last Spring, I put Cedar Mulch around my Strawberries Plants,  this will

  1.  prevent the strawberries  from touching the ground;
  2. keeping the berries clean
  3.  stops potential bacterial and fungal growth from occurring..
  4.  A natural deterrant for cats , earwigs and ants.
  5. Cuts down on weeds. 
  6. Minimizes water use, retains moisture
  7. Improves soil quality as it decomposes.

I used Cedar Mulch,   ( Pine Needles or Straw can also be used)
My Garden is 3 years old and this year the plants look very healthy.
My Patch

I have Everbearing Berries
They generally produce fruit all Summer.

 This year I added Bounty

 Sweet Bounty is one of the most prolific (produces a lot of fruit) and sweetest strawberries available. 
This variety will produce a crop in late spring,  and have another crop in the fall. 

 Cleaning my Garden, earlier this Spring,
 I planted some "runners"  in Pots and put them
 in my Greenhouse and they are now in flower.
This planter will hang from my Balcony

 My Terra Cotta Strawberry Pot.

I used Natural Cedar Mulch

A week later....all in flower,  good

and later

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all pics are my sole original property

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eliminating Grass The Organic Way

    My flower bed has grass in it, the ground is very hard and it would take a lot of time and energy to spade it out. I tried this with newspaper last year in another area, and it worked very well. (Plus I am recycling)
Grass Sods, newspapers and mulch will eventually all break down, adding nutrients to your soil.

Save time, money and energy....

Material Needed:
An Edger,
Natural Cedar Mulch and
Newspaper soaked in a bucket of water.    

I made an edge with an edger first. 

This Edge will prevent the Grass from growing into the Flower Bed.

After soaking newspaper in a bucket of water, a few minutes,
I placed it on the grass.
About 10 pages thick (Old News)

If you run out of Newspaper, Cardboard will do.

I placed the natural cedar mulch over the newspaper.
About 4 inches thick

I packed it down with my feet
Then I watered it to pack it more.

Plants can be planted in it right away, if you cut a hole and remove the grass from the hole.
It will take several months, the grass sods,  newspapers and mulch will eventually all break down, adding nutrients to your soil. The Worms will be happy......and I will be too....

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