Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Maintenance Free Flower Bed

I moved my Lilies to a new flower bed
 I made between some trees
I removed all the grass and put 
natural cedar mulch around  the plants 
I used cedar slabs for edging 
This will prevents grass from
 growing into the Flower Bed
and helps retain moisture.

The advantages of this Flower Bed are:
  1. Less grass to mow.
  2. No trimming necessary around the trees. 
  3. Cuts down on weeding time.

 Day Lilies and Tiger Lilies

Cedar Slabs are inexpensive,
they are available at any Sawmill.
(My brother has a sawmill.)

I leave on the bark, eventually it will come of. 
The wood is still nice under and 
will last for many years.

Cedar wood doesn't readily absorb
 moisture and tends to lie flat and straight.

As my Lilies grow, I will make the 
bed wider, probably next Spring.

My Astlibe Garden

Below is my Astilbe Flower Bed. 
Astilbes like shade, this bed is on
 the North side of the house.

I made this bed 6 yrs. ago. 

Every few yrs. cedar mulch is 
added as it decomposes.


The Cedar Slabs have Aged Nicely
(6 yrs.)

I use natural cedar mulch around the plants
to cut down on weeds

Cedar mulch helps retain moisture 
improves quality of soil as it decomposes
A natural Repellent for Cats,  Earwigs and Ants.

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