Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eliminating Grass The Organic Way

    My flower bed has grass in it, the ground is very hard and it would take a lot of time and energy to spade it out. I tried this with newspaper last year in another area, and it worked very well. (Plus I am recycling)
Grass Sods, newspapers and mulch will eventually all break down, adding nutrients to your soil.

Save time, money and energy....

Material Needed:
An Edger,
Natural Cedar Mulch and
Newspaper soaked in a bucket of water.    

I made an edge with an edger first. 

This Edge will prevent the Grass from growing into the Flower Bed.

After soaking newspaper in a bucket of water, a few minutes,
I placed it on the grass.
About 10 pages thick (Old News)

If you run out of Newspaper, Cardboard will do.

I placed the natural cedar mulch over the newspaper.
About 4 inches thick

I packed it down with my feet
Then I watered it to pack it more.

Plants can be planted in it right away, if you cut a hole and remove the grass from the hole.
It will take several months, the grass sods,  newspapers and mulch will eventually all break down, adding nutrients to your soil. The Worms will be happy......and I will be too....

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