Monday, January 29, 2018

Beach Art

While walking on the beach
one Summer's day,
We came upon these beautiful
painted driftwoods.

Such an unusual colourful surprise.
A delightful work of art.

The paint used is waterbased.
Eventually after high~tides,
It's washed away.


Expression Libre ~Free Expression

Such imagination!

A talented artist.
I love how this face is created.
Such beauty

~L'Effet Mer ~ The Effects Of The Sea~

~Soleil de Mer ~The Seas's Sun ~

My Favorite

Driftwood Talent

One never knows 
what we'll find on the beach.

I hope to come upon more of this beautiful artwork.

Bonaventure Beach

There are 4 faces in this pic. Can you spot them?

Washed away, with tides and time....

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2017 At The Beach - Part 2

I am continuing to share my photos of
 last summer's walks on the beach. 
Wonders of nature and 
some treasures I find. 

If you missed Part One, click here.

Bonaventure Beach.
The Lighthouse in the distance.
Further, the town of Bonaventure. 

Starfish that got beached.

Stairways to the beach.
All kinds of models.....
On my walks from Fauvel to Bonaventure. 

Kites in Trees


The Seagulls make hole in the banks to lay their eggs in Spring.

Tree and Stumps
Trees that erosion has caused to fall into the water.
Some are washed up in big storms from New Brunswick,
 across the Bay.

My sister Annie found this piece of black glass.
Black glass is very rare and 
one of the oldest seaglass existing.
It is said to have come from old whiskey bottles.
It is very hard to distinguish amongst black rocks,
making it the most difficult seaglass to find.
If held up to a light, it's translucent.


On day while walking on the beach,
we came upon this cedar driftwood sea monster.

He's eying my sister Annie.
After thinking about him and how he would
 look in my flower bed,
He's about 8 ft. long, my brother with his truck, 
brought him home.
Luckily he was still there the day after.
He could have been washed out by high tides
or the victim of a bonfire. 

Maybe he'll scare away the deer 
that come to eat my hostas. 
I named him SeaBiscuit...

SeaBiscuit in November

We have spectacular sunsets in this region in Autumn.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

At The Beach - 2017

In the midst of Winter,
It's a good time to sort out some photos.
I am sharing some of my beach adventures
from 2017.
I live near the beach in Gaspé,
Eastern Quebec, Canada.
on the Baie des Chaleur,
(translated "Bay of Warmth")
A salt water bay that separates
 New Brunswick from Quebec.
In the basin of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence.

"Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach"

Fauvel Beach
The beach of my childhood

My sisters Annie and Carol
on the path to the beach.

high cliffs rugged coastlines

Low tide

A waterfall in the distance

Spring thaw and Fall storms
also the effects of Global Warming/
Climate Change causing 
ocean's rising waters,
resulting in erosion.
We're losing ground...

New Carlisle.
Huge rocks are places to prevent
 the road and banks from being washed out.

Bonaventure beach
Le Château Blanc Hotel.

Waterfalls in Spring
as the snow melts and water draining
from the land.

Forces of Nature

In Chandler, Quebec.
Government Scientific Research


The further bridge is a pedestrian bridge 
used  by Moment Factory 
for their spectacular tourist attraction of lights.

Annie in Chandler

There's not a lot of garage on our Beaches.
Surprisingly, we do come across some footwear left behind.
Some photos I took at different times, during the summer.
I did have more, that got deleted.

Washed ashore with tides and time.
One of my most gruesome discoveries of 2017, 
is this bone structure.
Can you guess what it is?

After posting the photo on Instagram,
 a follower from PEI, #oceanluvngal,
identified it as Horse or Cow teeth. Yuck!!
I think by the length it is Horse...

Some other treasures of the sea.

Fun Times
Bonfire on the Beach

Malina, Jessica and Zoic

Bye for now, 
To be continued....
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