Saturday, August 7, 2021

Summer Garden Tour

 Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying 
Summer,  as its half over and passing fast.

I am sharing some photos of my flower garden.
mostly perennials and wild flowers.
Mother Nature has rewarded us with beautiful 
 flowers this year,  and they seem to flower
 earlier, although we had our share of rain.

I planted some red cabbage in the barrel above,
with cosmos flowers and the shrub is Tamarisk.

The streetlight bird houses, are a gift,
made from large metal coffee cans and
 a wooden front. 
Isn't it beautiful!
I'm sure the birds will enjoy it.

Yarrow is doing well this year.

Planted behind the Old Hayraker.

White wild Yarrow below,  grows allover,
in fields, ditches, beaches etc.

In front of the Hayraker

Variegated leaf Coreopsis and Moonbeam Coreopsis

The Fern Garden below.

The Purple Bridge,
 I built from recycled boards.
I planted, wild Musk beside,
The large plant in front is
an Orange Daylily.  I think
the deer eat most of the flower buds. 

a tall plant that does well in damp soil. 

One misty morning

Red Daylilies 

I love Veronica below.

Behind is a Smoke Tree/Shrub.

Gooseneck Loosestrife,

Beautiful Daisies

These are called Crazy Daisies 

Queen Of The Meadow
I planted beside the bridge.

Queen Of The Prairie, a tall

pretty plant growing
 in The Sunken Garden.

Wild Grasses

Orange Daylilies


Joe-Pye Weed

A Butterfly plant, pollinator for bees and other insects.

Plentiful,  beyond the backyard.

I hope you enjoy my garden tour.

Come back again, my next blog,
I will share Making A Garden Orb
along with rusty things found
on the property,  
in the Rusty Corner of the garden.

Stay safe and well. 

Thanks for your visit xo