Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Winter Wonderland

Although Winter starts the 21st of December,
A Nor'easter has dumped approx. 20cm (8in.)
This 27th Day of November in Gaspe
We were fortunate here,
 Further East the Atlantic Provinces were harder hit. 
causing power failures and closures
Temperatures -1 C or 8 F

Through the Arbour
Hayraker in the distance

he Ditch.

No Ice Yet. 
The Ground Hasn't Frozen

No Cooking Today

Below, Rte 132
The main road around the Gaspé

The WishingWell

Below is a barberry bush.
Berries for the birds

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ready for Winter

A beautiful Fall day here today.
 I spent most of it outside, preparing for Winter.
A heavy snow fall in the forecast for tomorrow.
Decorated with Cedars, Rowan Berries and Barberries

Colorful - Perennial Geranium

Flower beds covered over with Burlap
The 2 red shrubs in the back are Barberry

Bushes protected from heavy snow
(Last Spring)....I didn't cover my shrubs last winter.
However, they did recover.
.I use pickets in the ground to
 anchor the netting around the shrubs
Available at the Dollarstore
The strong winds will lift the netting of and blow it away.

I will leave these solar light there this winter. They help anchored my Burlap.

All Done

In search of my mother's garden, 
      I found my own.              
  "✿<<´¯`•~~Alice Walker~•´¯`>>✿"

  1. Alice Walker is an American author and activist.
  2.  She wrote the critically acclaimed novel The Color Purple
  3.  for which she won the National Book Award and the
  4.  Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Wikipedia

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Homemade Barbecue Cover

Fast, Easy and Inexpensive.
Today I made a cover for my Barbecue.
To protect it from the harsh Winter 
I used a heavy thick strong plastic
 that I salvaged from 
 the covering of a new mattress 
when it was delivered from the store.
(I am recycling)
This strong plastic is also
 available at Hardware Store

Step One
I started by measuring the BBQ across
(front to back) and got 2ft.
Next I started at an end and 
measured the distance from the floor 
up and over the top; down the
 other side and got 12 ft
.(I added approx. 4" on each side)

measured the plastic on the floor
 and cut  a strip
 2 ft. wide and 12ft.. long

I cut 2 strips 6ft long

 and sewed them together
to make the 12ft. length

The top piece is cut

I left  about 4" longer at the bottom

on each side.

Step Two
and I got 5ft. across and 3ft. down.
Cut 2 pieces 5ft by 3 1/2 ft. One for 
the Front and one for the Back. 
  I  cut the top corners round 
to make it easier to sew. 
I used a plate as a guide.

Cut 2 top corners round
on the top of the back and front piece

Step Three

Start Sewing
I used an ordinary sewing machine.

I marked the CENTER of each piece 
with a felt marker, 
 (the long piece for across the top
 and the CENTER top of the pieces 
of the FRONT and BACK) 
Line up each piece together and
 started sewing. from the mark in the center.

I stitched 1/2 inch seam then doubled
 the seam over and top -stitched  to strength it.
It does get bulky and hard to handle at times.
(Top-stitching is optional)

all snug for the winter

If your BBQ is out in the wind, 
your could secure the plastic with bungee cords.
or sew Valcro around each leg.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

First Fall of sNOw

Snow has come early here in Eastern Canada
We are the 3rd of November
We woke up to a blanket of Snow this morning
After a beautiful Colorful October, 
This is hard to accept.
On the Brighter side,
November is a dull dark & dreary month
The snow covered ground brightens it up



Blue Spruce

A blanket of Snow in my Garden-

I have chicken wire fence to keep out cats and dogs
The small trees will get transplanted next Spring

Into The Woods

 My Strawberry Patch

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