Thursday, November 16, 2023

Autumn Bliss

 We welcomed Autumn
with its beautiful colours.
I am late in posting this blog.


Rowan berries
on the Mountain Ash tree.
The robins feasted on them
before their long trip South.

I hung some up to dry to add
 to my Christmas wreaths.

Spirea bush
An interesting colour.

Barberry Bush

A long lasting Autumn
flower in bloom.

Huge Loosestrife leaf 

 Amur Maple

I took some seeds.

Wild Mushrooms/Fungi
interesting displays
 here and there.

My Geraniums were beautiful this year.

I had red, pink and purple ones.

I wanted to keep some for next year, so 
I cut some pieces/slips of my 
geraniums and put them to root.
It took a few weeks before roots appeared.

I planted them in pots,
 along with some
I had chipmunks that ate
most of my hens'n'chickens
So I took out a few to
save them and plant
them inside for the Winter.

I hope they survive 

We are now in November.
The leaves have all fallen.
Snow will here soon.

Happy Fall!

Thanks for your visit 

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Vegetable Gardening

We've had a lot of rain this year
which was good for the 
vegetable garden.
Although too much rain for 
Strawberry and raspberry growers,
also farmers crops.

I'm sharing some photos
 from my garden.

I planted tomatoes in pots.

 Italian tomatoes.

Small Cherry tomatoes were plentiful


 Jujube Tomatoes

Large Beef Tomatoes

Carrots were successful.

Green Beans.

Yellow beans with tomatoes

I planted peas for the first time.

Hot pepper



I grew them on a trellis
to prevent them from 
laying on the ground.

Gives a cleaner cucumber

Summer is behind us now.
We welcome Autumn with
it's beautiful colours. 

Today I  cleaned flower pots and
picked up outside,
getting ready for Winter.

Wishing you all a Happy Fall.


Saturday, September 2, 2023

August Flowers

The month of August has come to an end.
Summer sure passed fast this year.
We’ve had a lot of rain.
On the plus side we didn't have
to water flower as often.
It was great for the flowers
and gardening.

I planted Zinnas from seed.

Theses perennials are
so pretty in the Fall,
 in shades of orange, 
yellow and browns,  and
they are low maintenance
and long lasting.

Huge, around 7ft. tall.

Queen of the Meadow
Another tall plant.

In the Sunken Garden


A new Hollyhock
started from seed.

Nice colour,
Lemon, Lime

I planted Marigolds from
 seed to deter bugs,
to place in my barrels and
 with tomato plants,
I planted in pots.
I assumed they were 
about 6 inches tall.
Surprise, they were 4ft tall.
African type.
They are call Crackerjack Marigolds.
So bright and stunning.

Helenium and Echinacea 

Helenium 💛
One of my favourite flowers.

Pearly Everlasting

We had torrential rains which
damaged my Sunflower Garden

I managed to stake them up tied to poles

The Woodland Garden
was flooded.
The bridge moved about 3ft.

My son came to visit from Vancouver.
In the photo, my son Daniel, DIL Marina
And grandsons Louis and Jacob. 

Here I am in the middle.
My Grandsons have grown. 

My daughter, Suzanne
on the Boardwalk at
New Carlisle beach. 

A beautiful Boardwalk 
 lit up at night.

My niece Caroline and sister Annie.
at the beach in New Carlisle.

The end of August 
we had a Super Blue Moon,
lightning up the night sky.
The second full moon in
 a month is considered a
Super Blue Moon.
It will not happen again
until 2037.

Sadly Summer is ending.
Happy Fall Everyone.
Thanks for your visit.