Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Whiskey Barrel Planter

My Little Raised Garden

I planted some herbs in a 1/2 whiskey barrel.
It's serves as a small raised garden. 
I planted, basil, a parsley on each side,
french tarragon and dill.

In the middle, I planted an eggplant,
just curious to see how eggplant grows. 

I love the scent of Dill.
Great for fish and seafood.

French Tarragon 
Great for salads, chicken, fish
and sauces.

I'm not sure if this plant will 
be too big for the barrel.
I will remove it, if it is.

Great for Pesto and Italian dishes. 

One of my favourite herbes, 
dried or fresh.

I drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage
and placed blocks under the barrel,
 to raise it off the ground.
Also before I put in the soil, 
in the bottom of the barrel, I put some
plastic bottles and styrofoam to lighten
the weight of the barrel. 

At the base of the barrel,
 we put some gravel to prevent weeds 
from growing around it.

How it looked the first day I planted it - below.

A week later....

I'm anxious to see how it grows.

This is a great idea for small spaces,
patio or balcony planting.

Happy Summer and
Happy gardening.

Thanks for your visit xo


Monday, June 21, 2021

Lilacs and Lupins

Lilacs and Lupins beautifiy 
the ditches and countryside
  at this time, in the Gaspé,
and the Maritime provinces,
here in Canada.

(There are different spellings for
Lupin, also lupine.
I use the shorter one).

My large Lilac tree is very old.
Planted by the previous owner.

I also have a white young Lilac tree
  I planted a few year ago.
It grew quite fast. 
This is the second year it gives flowers.

A nice fragrance.....
My opinion is that the white Lilacs
are the most strong perfume fragrance. 

I brought some inside to enjoy

I threw some seeds in the ditch yrs. ago,
and they keep coming back.
Lupins reseed each year.

They come in a variety of colours.


Also bicolour

My favourite colour is purple and yellow

Pure pink

Peach and Yellow

Double Pink

I wasn't aware of a white one
until I look at this photo.

So I went back and took another photo of it.
I've never had a white one before.

Some wild phlox are growing with them also.

I made a collage of some Lupins.

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Have a happy Summer.

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Visiting Percé Rock ~ Up Close

 My daughter came to visit a few weeks ago 
and we went on a day trip to Percé Rock,
a tourist attraction in the Gaspé,
a 2 hr. drive from home.
We both have received our first
vaccine and it was great to have
her visit and spend some time together
since both our birthdays are in May.

Below a tower overlooks the area

A view of Bonaventure Island in the distance

Frederick-James Villa on the cliff.

It was a cold day in May. 
We dressed in warm clothes.
My sister Annie below enjoying the swing.

My daughter Suzanne and friend Sara 
 wanted to get closer to the rock.
Usually we can walk out to the 
hole in the rock at low tide.
In the photo, the furthest away, 
Suzanne, me, Annie and Sara.

Rock stacks left behind

Annie and I didn't venture far on those rock.
We let Suzanne and Sara continue as we sat
and I took some close-ups with my camera.
(My small rock stack beside).

A photo taken by Suzanne
 as they were approaching the rock. 

Sara and Suzanne start their journey to the Rock.

The next 3 photos below taken by Suzanne, from the rock,
with Bonaventure Island in the distance.

Also Percé from the rock with the Villa on the cliff.


A huge massive limestone rock

The view, in the other direction.
"Les Trois Soeurs"  and lodgings for the tourists.

On their way back.
Some people were having a picnic
on the rocks....😔

They didn't make it to the hole,
the tide was coming in and it was
 too dangerous on the mossy rocks.

Sara searching for seaglass

Annie found a treasure.
A fisherman's buoy to add to our collection.
It's lobster fishing season here in Eastern Canada.

I added the buoy to our collection
  of rescued buoys, in the Jungle,
(part of my wild woodland garden). 

Fishermen use buoys to mark
 their territory in the ocean.
Some break away and float to shore.

I hang them under a tree. 

Sara, Annie (forgot to remove her mask,) and Suzanne.
Most of the restaurants were closed and will open 
during tourist season sometime this month, June.

Sara, is the voice of "Covid-19" commercials. 
Along with other commercials like "Ford" etc. 

A view of Percé with the rock and 
Bonaventure Island in the distance.

This is a photo of the local fishing dock in Paspebiac.
Taken my Suzanne.

A lobster meal to celebrate our birthdays.

In front of home on The Baie des Chaleur
fishermen fishing in the early hours of the morning.
(Zoomed in photo)


For more on Percé Rock and the 
Villa at the top of the hill, also
another attempt to get to the hole in the rock, 
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