Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Our First Snowfall

On this day, November 29th,
in Eastern Quebec,
We awoke to a blanket of snow.

I went outside with my camera and 
captured some photos before 
the sun came out to melt it.

 Rowan berries.

The rowan trees leaning on a pine tree.
The weight of heavy snow on their branches.

There's something magical 
about the first snow fall.

Pine trees are so pretty in the snow.
The berries are from the Rowan Tree.

 The backyard

 A little pine tree

The path into the garden.

My little spruce plantation is growing

Sister Annie

A bird path

Pine tree

One of Annie's  painted rocks.

The yellow pump

SeaBiscuit in the snow.
 How I rescued SeaBiscuit,
click on September Flowers.
for the story.

The Old Hayraker

Rowan/Mountain Ash tree

 A piece of beachwood is
holding up the fence rail, 
in my flower garden.
Another beach find.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

The Cabin In The Woods

Today we decided to go for a walk to the cabin in the woods.
It was -5 deg. C, with a dusting of snow on the ground.
Sporting our new trapper hats and dressed warmly,
we set out on our adventure.

On arriving at the cabin,
We came upon a Christmas tree.
My brother Bruce decorated it,
for the wild life to enjoy
and anyone who happens by.
That's me at the door.

Sister Annie

 a pear
There's partridges in this woods.

It was nice and warm inside.
Someone had made a fire before us.

I stoked up the fire
and added a few logs.

Other dark photos inside

A homemade magazine rack.

Annie in the rocking chair
A little blurry...
She was rocking too fast. LOL

The view through a window

After warming up,
we decided to head home.

Back outside

We pose for more photos.
Annie hugging a ladder.

On the road leading home.
As you can see, it's very icy.
The Baie des Chaleur is at the end.

A short-cut through the woods.

This is a Barberry Bush.
It doesn't usually grow in the wild.
The birds must have carried the seeds here,
from my flower garden.
Nature is amazing... 

This tree has been rutted by 
a buck deer in mating season.
(He rubbed his antlers on the trunk of the tree)
This was done during hunting season.
There's a chance he isn't living anymore.

On one of my plum trees in
"my secret orchard"

I hope it doesn't kill the tree.

Update 2019 - The tree did die
along with all my plum trees,
due to the "Black Knot Disease". 

Fungus/fungi on this tree.
An indication that the
 tree is sick or diseased.

Some small pine trees that
 I planted from saplings.
There aren't many pine trees 
in the forest in this region.

White Pine

Ornamental grasses

The house rooftop in the distance

An enjoyable outing in nature.
Peaceful and relaxing...
The sound of silence all around.

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