Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Our First Snowfall

On this day, November 29th,
in Eastern Quebec,
We awoke to a blanket of snow.

I went outside with my camera and 
captured some photos before 
the sun came out to melt it.

 Rowan berries.

The rowan trees leaning on a pine tree.
The weight of heavy snow on their branches.

There's something magical 
about the first snow fall.

Pine trees are so pretty in the snow.
The berries are from the Rowan Tree.

 The backyard

 A little pine tree

The path into the garden.

My little spruce plantation is growing

Sister Annie

A bird path

Pine tree

One of Annie's  painted rocks.

The yellow pump

SeaBiscuit in the snow.
 How I rescued SeaBiscuit,
click on September Flowers.
for the story.

The Old Hayraker

Rowan/Mountain Ash tree

 A piece of beachwood is
holding up the fence rail, 
in my flower garden.
Another beach find.

Thanks for your visit xo

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