Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lilacs and Lupins

Lilacs and Lupins 
grace the countryside,
each year,  the end of June, 
here in the Gaspé.

I threw seeds in this ditch around 10 yrs. ago.
Lupins reseed each yr.

In the Fall,  the flowers dry to seed. 
There are many seeds on one plant.

Each pod contains a seed.
After drying, they can be used for planting.

A peach colored one has appeared this year.
The colors do mix. 

Rose bushes in the distance on the right

They make a pretty bouquet.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Day Trip

On June 5th, I took a day trip with  50 Plus Group from Richmond.
Organized by Marge Lancaster.
We boarded a bus and drove to Venise-En-Quebec.
We took a cruise on Lac Champlain to the Vermont border, U.S.A.

A  view of the Eastern Townships Mountains,
The Adirondack and islands close to Vermont.


We had lunch at the Relais Gouverneur Hotel, St. Jean-sur-Richelieu.

 We had the choice between chicken and salmon. I chose the salmon.

We visited the Charbonneau Orchard and Cidery and did some cider tasting.

 The last 3 hrs. we spent at the Shopping Complex
 Quartier DIX 30, in Brossard. (Route 10 and 30)
We had our choice of restaurants and stores.
 A lot of walking is required to go from store to store.
Because of heavy clouds we were unable to wander very far, 
 for fear of getting caught in the rain.

We ate supper here. Their chicken wrap was delicious.

Outside Fireplaces


Colorful FAKE Flowers


My sister Carol

Arrived home at 9:30 pm
An enjoyable fun day.

all pics are my sole original property