Tuesday, March 22, 2022

St. Patrick's Day Parade ~ 2022

After two long covid years,
a large crowd lined the
 streets in Richmond, Quebec,
in the Eastern Townships,
south of Montreal, for
 their St. Patricks Parade.

Richmond has long been 
renowned across the province
 for its annual celebrations of 
 Irish heritage and culture.

Despite rain in the forecast, 
it held off for the parade,
"the luck of the Irish"

Lots of horses, and horse teams.

 Farm Tractors 

and Lawn Tractors.
This tractor put on a show.
with smoke and flames.

Irish Wolfhound dogs

A large gentle dog.

Police on horseback,  were on guard also, 

All terrain vehicles

Many decorated floats from 
 community organizations
 and businesses.

I didn't take a lot of photos.
There were a lot of many 
other things to see,
like Scottish Pipers
and Pipe Bands.
To view some short videos
of 3 pipe bands, visit
me on Instagram

My photos were taken on a
 quite street, Craig St., near 
 the starting of the parade.

The next photo, (not my photo),
was taken on Main Street where
 most of the crowd gathered.

It felt great to have some
 normalcy in our lives again.
Lets hope that the virus count stays
low, as most of the restrictions
are being lifted.

To view a previous parade in 2015,
and see the difference
 in the amount of snow,
click here

Thanks for your visit.


Saturday, March 5, 2022

Solidarity For Ukraine

It's been a year since
Russia declared war on Ukraine.
I did this blogpost last year,
As the world shared solitary with
colours of the Ukraine flag.

March 2022
It's been a long cold winter with lots 
of snow, here in Eastern Quebec.
Spring in on the way, hopefully,
better days ahead. 

Covid restrictions are being lifted
 and  normality is returning to our lives.

Its heartbreaking to listen to the news
of what's happening to the people
of Ukraine. A country in destruction,
loss of lives, and people fleeing 
their country, to survive. 
Its hard to imagine this cruel war
is taking place, in this year, 2022.

 The world is coming together
in solidarity, with love and support.

I'm sharing photos that appear in   
  my newsfeed, and from friends,
of Ukraine colours, 
blue and yellow,
from around the world,
in no specific order.

I do not own the rights to these photos.
If it's yours and you want to be credited
or want it removed, leave a message below.

Victoria B.C.

Milwaukee, U.S.A.
📷@ hidaphotographydotcom

Ohori Park, Fukuoka, Japan
📷IG to5h10

Japanese Railway

Eiffel Tower

Vancouver Harbour, Canada
📷Jante Vander Berg-Smit

Cleveland Terminal Tower, Ohio.

📷Bob Morris

City of Port Coquitlam, B.C.

Alsace, France
📷Karlheniz Fischer

The National Museum, 
Szczecin, Poland
📷Alma Ortiz

Town Hall in Scotland
📷Jack Watson

Kalundborg, Denmark
📷Lars Pedersen

📷Kim Caruana

Tokyo Japan
📷Hiroshi Mogi

Halifax Nova Scotia
📷Virginia Brisbin

Szczecin, Poland
📷Magdalena Knop

The Clock Tower, Denmark
📷Minna Hellemoes




Heidelberg Castle, Germany
📷IG indes_photography

Hirtshals Denmark
📷Thomas Helgesen

📷by Araceli Blanco Jimenze

Miami, Florida
Ctenah Ctenahob

South Korea

Vancouver, B.C.
📷 tdot_dave

Empire State Building,
New York.
📷 pictures_of_gotham/IG

Grand Central Terminal, NY

Kumamoto, Japan
📷Kuniomi  Kitamoto 

Zurich, Switzerland
📷Jeannine Weber

Montreal, Quebec.
Mount Royal Cross.
📷Tom Brown

Brussels, Belgium

Belfast ~ Ireland
Belfast Cathedral Quarter

St. George's Hall
Liverpool, Britain.

London, England

Stockholm Sweden
📷 Carla Konche

Russian Embassy
Lisbon, Portugal
📷Rick Hoberg

Vancouver, B.C,

London, UK
The London Eye

London, UK

Montreal, Quebec

Athens, Greece
The Fountain, Omonia Square.

Hatley Castle, Victoria, B.C. 

Healdsburg Bridge, California

Los Angeles, California

St. Andrews House, Edinburgh

Wembley Station, London

Long Beach Lighthouse, 

Hungary, Budapest

Albany, NewYork

Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

Atlanta, Georgia

Peterborough City Hall, 

San Francisco City Hall,

Union Station, Kansas City

Fargo City Hall, North Dakota

Newmarket, Ontario

Peterborough Cathedral,

Flint, Michigan

Torun, Poland

Sarajevo, Bosnia,

Palazzo Marino, Milan - Italy

Tel Aviv, Rabin Square, 

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, 

Warsaw, Poland

Durham Castle, U.K.

Nijo-Jo Castle, Kyoto,

Seoul-South Korea

Inuvik, N.W.T. Canada

Ludwigsburg Palace
Ludwigsburg, Germany

Seattle, Washington

The Tunnel, Los Angeles, 

City Hall, Toulouse, 

Cibeles Fountain, Madrid, 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Montreal ~Olympic Stadium

Senedd ~ Wales

Grain Elevators  
Buffalo, New York

Fort Pierre-South Dakota

Bratislava Castle, Slovakia


Toronto Ontario
📷Romeo Mayugba

Vancouver Art Gallery, 
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Falkirk Wheel ~ Scotland

Sherbrooke, Quebec,

Rochester ~ New York

Dove of Peace ~ Leipzig

Carnarvon Castle 
📷Lois Jacqueline Friedrich

B.C. Place and Science World, 
Vancouver, Canada

Melbourne ~ Australia

Skopje, Macedonia

Brussels, Belgium

Brescia, Italy

Factory Chimneys lit up
 Dnipro, Ukraine

Cabinet Ministers Building

Cardiff ~ Wales

Ocean City ~ New Jersey


 10 Downing Street

Madrid ~ Spain

Canberra ~ Australia

Munich - Germany

St. Petersburg


Casino Pier
New Jersey

Medicine Hat 

National Wallace Monument

Philadelphia Boathouse Row

Heidelberg Castle, Germany

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Sorry, I forgot the name
 of this castle below in Ireland.

Athlone, Ireland

Seattle, Washington

Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida
(with cruise-ship passing under)

Dublin, Ireland

The Kelpies ~ Scotland

Sydney Opera House 

Roath Lake Lighthouse
Cardiff, Wales

Eilean Donan Castle

A close-up off this
 beautiful castle,
Eilean Donan Castle

B.C. Place ~ Vancouver

New York

Samuel de Champlain Bridge 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Trafalgar Square - London

Eiffel Tower

Mississauga, Ontario

Turin ~ Italy

Rome, Italy
Ancient Coliseum

Berlin, Germany
Brandenburg Gate

Austin, Texas


Portsmouth, England

Lisbon, Portugal

Toronto, Canada
CN Tower

Atlanta, Georgia



Lancashire, England

Blackpool, England


Dallas, Texas

Melbourne, Australia
Flinders Street Station


London, U.K.
The London Eye.

Liverpool, England

Seattle, Washington

Truro, Nova Scotia


Niagara Falls, Ontario

Cleveland, Ohio

Copenhagen, Denmark

London UK
The London Eye

Warsaw ~ Poland

Manchester, England

Louisville, Kentucky

Erasmus Bridge

Prague~Czech Republic

Tynwald Building
 Isle Of Man

New York

Memphis, Tennessee

New York


Love and support for Ukraine,
and Peace On Earth.