Sunday, March 28, 2021

Making Draperies With Grommets

It's been a year since this pandemic started.
We are scheduled for our vaccine April 23rd.
There's light at the end of the tunnel, (we hope).
We've been stuck in the house, seems like forever.
We welcome Spring.  At lease we'll be able to
get out more in nature, gardening, walking in
the woods and on the beach. 

We decided to repaint a room and
I made draperies for two bedrooms.
Draperies with grommets are easy 
to pull across the window at night
and eliminates the need for blinds.

It's my first time working with grommets.

There's a large choice of draperies with
grommets in stores,  I couldn't find
any with my favourite pattern,
toile de jouy,  a landscape pattern,
 originating in France.
I found the fabric at a local
   store, and decided make them.
I'm sharing how I sewed them,
hoping to inspire anyone who
 makes them. There's a lot of
videos on the internet with
great instructions also.
They're not perfect,  but I'm
satisfied with how they turned out.
I took theses photos on a dark day
and the bedrooms are in the North
side of the building.

Needed: fabric, thread, grommets, pins, scissors,
 grommet pattern,( included with the grommets),
3 1/2" stiff interfacing, iron, measuring tape and ruler.
(8 grommets for each 54 inch panel.)
They are available in plastic or metal.

Measuring the fabric:
I measured the length of the fabric from the 
top of the pole to where I want the drape to end.
Added 8 inches for the hem and 2 inches at the top.

I did the bottom hem first. 
Measured up 8 inches and marked across in pencil.

Turned the hem up 4 inches,
then 4 inches again to reach the 8 inch mark.

The sides I turned over 1 inch,

then 1 inch again.

Press and sew up to approx. 6 inches to the top,
leaving an open to insert the interfacing across the top.

The top and grommets.
Press down the top 1 inch over the interfacing.
Sew the interfacing across the top.
Finished sewing the sides up over the interfacing.

The hardest part of placing grommets is
 measuring to get the right distance between them. 
To make it easy for me and save time, 
I used another curtain that I had as a guide.
 I centered the curtain with grommets,
over the curtain top and marked an "x" 
in the middle of each grommet hole.

"X" in the middle.


I placed the pattern over the centre,
 on the interfacing, and drew the circle. 
cut out the hole with scissors.
(The pattern comes with the grommets)

Snap in the grommet.
As simple as that!

We did a makeover in the room below.
It was painted blue before.
We repainted it "Olive Tint".

I also made dresser scarves
and a bedspread. I will make
some cushions.

My sister Annie....I did the trimmings and
she rolled on the paint.

Thanks for your visit xo

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