Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hiking Mont Jacques Cartier in the Chic-Choc Mountains.

Last August I hiked Mount Jacques Cartier
with family and friends.
     The highest mountain peak in Eastern Quebec, Canada,
 in the Appalachian Mountains Range, 
The Chic Choc Mountains of the Gaspe. 
4,160 ft. high, the total distance of
the trail is 8,4 km.(5.5 miles) up and down. 

        The silence, the clean air, the view from 
the top and of course seeing Alpine Caribou, 
the last remaining herd in Eastern Quebec, 
south of the St. Lawrence,
 made it worth the effort.
 It was a great experience and doing it 
 with family and friends made it 
more fun and enjoyable.

We drove into Parc de la Gaspesie and
 followed the Beautiful Cascapedia River.

This river has long been recognized as
 one of Quebec's richest
Atlantic Salmon rivers.

We passed  Hog's Back Mountain 

On arriving,
we pay a small fee for the bus ride

 further into the forest and
entry into the Park at this Outpost

We boarded a bus for a short ride to our trail 

After eating our lunch here,

 we started our climb to the top.
 My daughter, Suzanne and Felix,
 the youngest in the group, a real trooper.

took a quick pic of the group. 

My daughter's family and friends.
Melanie and Francois. 
Judging by my family's wooden poles,
 we are unexperienced hikers.

We start the rocky climb

Rocks and more rocks. 

We did not realize how intense
 this climb would be

(I'm the one in green)

Checking out the Caribou in the distance

Not much vegetation at this Altitude,

 only Rocks and Lichen.

Lichen, (a fungus on the Rocks)
 the primary source of Caribou Food.

Francois and Felix enjoying the View

Little Sabrina enjoyed this adventure 

We got caught in the rain on 
the  way down the mountain and 
she slipped on wet rock and broke her pole.

She was unhurt, this was the only minor incident.

A Pause
Other people ahead of us

limbing towards the Summit 

on the steps.(125 of them) ......

A resting area 

Large stairs to climb. Mathieu did great. 

These stairs are difficult for short legs.

The Children did well -125 Steps

Caribou Poop 

Martin and Mathieu with
the Summit in the distance

Melanie, almost there (above)

My daughter and Granddaughter at Summit

We made it,
My Granddaughter and Me

On the way down,
We saw more Caribou 

 Lakes in the distance

A family outing turned out to be 
A Great Experience.
Looking forward 
to our next mountain..

Take time to enjoy
the simple pleasures
of life

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