Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mont St-Joseph, Carleton, Quebec.

In Carleton, Canada,
Oratory Mont St-Joseph
is situated at 555meters high,
above the town in the 
Notre Dame Mountains,
a portion of the Appalachian Mountains. 

You can drive up or walk up, on a steep paved road. 
I am sharing some of my photos of this beautiful place.

High up in the clouds

My daughter Suzanne

Inside the Catholic Oratory Mont St-Joseph.

Lots of beautiful stained glass and marble.

A manger scene

Light a candle

A lookout

A view of the
 Baie des Chaleur.

New Brunswick across the Bay.

Local artists paintings

A short hiking trail to see windmills.

150 meters to view Windmills
which generate hydro electric power.

In the distance.
A Wind Turbine Farm.

A close-up

Hiking trails

A list and description
 of the hiking trails.
 Also available in English.

The road going down the mountain.
It is advised that you have
 your car in low gear 
to descend the mountain,
to protect your brakes.

Below, this is a strait second of 
road at the bottom.
However higher up, 
the road is curvy and 
winding on the mountain edge.

Lunch in Carleton

A Microbrasserie 

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