Saturday, March 3, 2018

Soap Box Derby Races 2017

I am sharing some photos of the 
Soap Box Derby Races.
"50 Plus" age group 

in Cascapedia, St. Jules, Quebec.
An annual event that takes place
during the October Fall Fest during
the first week in October.
A lot of other activities take place at this event.
Because 2 of my brothers participate in
these races, I'm sharing some 
photos of this event.
It was a beautiful Autumn sunny day and 
a great turnout this year.

This road is closed to traffic for the races.

This year, there was a detour for highway traffic 
because a bridge was under repair 
on the main route 132 and traffic
 had to reroute through this country town.

Two carts are placed side by side on a platform.
And a gate is dropped and away they go down a hill.

These carts are run by gravity.

And the race is on.

A large crowd came out to enjoy this event.

The carts are all man made in 
different models and designs.

The carts are pulled back 
up the hill by an ATM vehicle.

Brothers Bruce and Lawrence 
racing against each other.

Lawrence won the race.

Bruce being pulled back up the hill

And Lawrence

My sister Annie, Me, and brother-in-law Peter

A portable toilet on site.
Risky. You could be wheeled away!!!!

more photos

Toronto Maple Leafs

Win or lose, it's all fun.

Brother Lawrence in another race,
in the orange cart

And he is in the lead...

The Autumn foliage is beautiful in the region

The next day My Brother Lawrence
went to pick up the trophy for first place.
Bruce came 2nd. place.

In the local Spec Newspaper.

To view more pics of soap box races carts,
check out a previous blog post here.

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