Friday, June 5, 2020

At The Beach

Following the rules of the pandemic, 
I had to spend 14 days in quarantine after
 returning home to Gaspé, in Eastern Quebec.
I spent the Winter with my sister Annie
  in Central Quebec.

Our 14 days went by quickly, Spring cleaning
and working outside and gardening.

I had to go out today to do some business.
On the way home we stopped at the local beach.
It was a beautiful day a comfortable 14deg. C
 and since tourist aren't allowed yet,
it wasn't crowded and easy to physical distance.

 People fishing for flounders.
Flounders are a flat sweet fish similar to Sole.

From the dock, a line of people
 fishing off the large rocks.

This guy caught 2 at the same time.

We took a walk up the beach.

The tide was down and the long strip of land
is visible only at low tide.
My Grandkids named it "Starfish Island"
because they find starfish there.

We never know what will wash up with the tides.

Love is in the air

The camping ground.
With the pandemic rules, tourists
 may be allowed by the end of June.
The few campers belong to local residents.

Annie trying out the new chairs.
A great place to sit and enjoy the view,
or read a book.

The lighthouse is unlocked during the Tourist season.
One can climb up to the lookout at the top.

We did enjoy our first day out,
 since arriving in the Gaspé,
The beach is a great place for
 physical distancing, walking 
and relaxation.

Me and Annie at the License Bureau.
One person allowed inside at a time.

Stay safe everyone.
The curve is flattening.
Let's keep it that way.

Thanks for your visit xo.
All photos taken with my phone.