Friday, June 30, 2017

A Tea To Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday.

I am having friends for tea
to Celebrate Canada's 150th birthday 
this July 1st. 2017.

Strawberries and Rhubarb are in season here
in Eastern Canada.
I made jam to serve with cookies
and biscuits.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Shortbread Cookies

Tea from The Metropolitan Tea Company
Orange Pekoe

 Expo 67
In 1967,  50 years ago,
Canada's 100th Anniversary
was celebrated in Montreal, Quebec,
inviting countries from around 
the world to this World's Fair
which lasted 6 months.

I was gifted this cup and saucer below,
from an elderly lady I worked for.
Mrs. Bourdages,
 I am so grateful to her.

The Maple Leaf is Canada's emblem. 
representing many species of maple trees
native to Canada.
The maple leaf appears on our flag.
Markings on the bottom of the cup and saucer

A cup and saucer with Niagara Falls,
 one of Canada's main tourist attractions and 
one of the seven Natural Wonders Of The World, 
situated between the border of 
Canada and United States.

The photo on the cup and saucer

Markings on the bottom of the cup and saucer

Canada, a country rich in natural resources,
 different cultures and beauty from coast to coast.

Routhierville, Quebec.
 A wooden covered bridge crossing the Matapedia River, 
a salmon river. 
Built in 1931 in the picturesque Matapedia Valley 
of the Chic-Choc Mountains, 
part of the Appalachian range.

Our beautiful flag

I'm proud to be Canadian 
living in this wonderful Country.
I wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Canada Day.

Thanks for your visit. xo

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spring Flowers ~ 2017

I'm sharing some of my
Spring flowers.
I planted some new bulbs
last Fall and it was great to see
the new flowers.

Grape hyacinth / muscari
with silver mound.


Bleeding Hearts


Dandelions ~food for our bees


A pretty tulip

My sister Annie is visiting
and planted some potatoes in my garden.

We burnt some debris
and had lunch outside

My rhubarb did well this year
 because of all the rain.

I made some rhubarb and
orange muffins.
For my recipe,
click here.

Forger-Me-Nots are always welcome

They wander thoughout the garden

We made a new path
into the garden mostly
from beach rocks.

"For flowers that bloom about our feet,
For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet,
For song of bird, and hum of bee,
For all things fair we hear or see,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee!"

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

I hope you enjoyed this little garden tour.

Thanks for your visit.