Saturday, November 23, 2019

Seaglass Ornaments

I made some Christmas 
ornaments with seaglass,
my first attempt to do craft
with this glass.

I took a wooden birch wreath
apart and used the wood to
glue the glass on.

I have not altered the glass in anyway. 
It is as I found it on the beach.




Walking along the beach, 
seaglass can be found 
along the shoreline,
 tossed up by the tides.



Treasures of the Sea

3 sailboats

Good quality seaglass pieces are 
frosted,  with no sharp edges
the result of many years of tossing 
and tumbling in the rough waters of the sea.


Snowman and tree

Sailboat made with bottle bottoms

3 trees - 2 spruce and 1 blue spruce



Most glass found was once part of 
medicine bottles, liquor 
or soft-drink bottles, dishes etc. 

I used a glue gun with hot glue to glue the ornaments.

I displayed these ornaments
on a birch tree.
to view, click here.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Christmas Colander Centerpieces

For a centrepiece this year,
I am using my Mom's old colanders/strainers,
passed down to me. 
My Mom always made our Christmas
so special. She is no longer with us, 
so it's nice that she is part
of my Christmas decor.

I used
Dollarstore mini lights, 
battery operated with a 8 hr. timer.
The box that hold the "AA" 
batteries can be hidden in the colander, 
out of sight.

Placed the lights in the colander between baubles.
 I filled the colander with clear glass baubles/balls,
pretty with the lights shining through.

This one below, I filled with pinecones.
I put 2 sets of mini lights,
one clear lights,  and one multi colours. 

I used craft paint from the Dollarstore 
to paint the pinecones.

All the baubles/balls,  I found at thrift shops

I also change the lampshades and cushion covers.
 Lampshades found at Thrift Store and painted red,
I leave the lampshades on until after Valentines Day.
Also,  cushion covers from the Dollarstore. 

The colanders would be nice also 
suspended by the handles.

This is the older one.
It's ironic that it has a "star" design.
The Star Of David.

Matthew 2: 1-2
Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, 
during the reign of King Herod. 
About that time, some wise men 
from eastern lands arrived in Jerusalem,
 and asked, "Where is the one 
who has been born king of 
the Jews? We saw his star when 
it rose and have come to worship him."

Pretty in the dark.

A "timer"  is a great invention.
No.... "Alexa turn off the lights".
(no offence Alexa)

A very simple inexpensive decoration,
pretty in daytime and night.

A start to Christmas decorating.
The most Wonderful time of the year.

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