Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Luncheon

I am sharing a Valentine Luncheon
at St. Anne's Anglican Church in
 Richmond, Quebec. 
A annual fundraiser to help this church in need.
A lot of hard work, time and effort goes into 
these fundraising events.
Because of a dwindling congregation
and an aging population,
this Church is struggling to stay open.

I helped decorate and set up the tables.

A Sales Table, nicely set up
Marge Lancaster and Loretta Irwin 
Dedicated Volunteers
Lots of Green Items for Sale
St. Patrick Day is the 17th of March
A lot of Irish settlers here, in the Townships
Jewelry, red vases  and other things
Glassware, Crystal and Silverware
A lover of vintage glassware, (this was up my alley).
I bought the yellow vase and 
other items that are no longer on the table.
My sister Ann who collects blue glass
 bought the vases on the right with silver bases.
Prices all under $5.00.

More Glassware, vintage vases, watches and linens
Lots of Homemade Baked Goods



 Elizabeth Mastine in the Kitchen, Below, Helen Knowles, 
Bev Jones and Ann Nixon

The Meal...A large selection of Casseroles, Soups, Salads, etc..
Rev. Wanda Dillabough gave the Blessing and drew the door prize.

A Large selection of Homemade Pies
(The pies at this end are Ann's Mincemeat Cherry.)
Rita Noel and Fran Cunningham were in charge of the pies

Beautiful Plates to eat on
(WindsorWare, England)

Three of the Servers posed for me
Allison Duffy, Megan Provost and Amber Mastine
A Nice Turnout
Master Dishwasher Certificate
Helen Knowles is 93 yrs old
Many years of Dedicated Service

The Church is not used in the Winter months because of the huge heating costs.
Part of the congregation,  approx 25 hold a service each Sunday
in the "Common Room"

Built in 1884-85 and consecrated
May 1900 by Lord Bishop A.H. Dunn.

My pics are dark..... I should have turned the lights on.
3 flags, first one in the left hand corner 
is the Anglican Church of Canada Flag, 
 Canadian Flag, and the Union Jack.
Sister Ann at the Piano
Casavant Pipe Organ

~A few of the beautiful stained glass windows~

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentines In The Mail

Valentines Day is just around the corner
I am sharing Valentine Crafts
and Valentine Cards I made
to send to my Grandkids.
These are simple paper Valentines,
easy and fast to make

All trimming from the Dollarstore

I used photographed music sheets,
 cut hearts out, 
glued them to paper doilies.
Outlined the hearts with pearls.

Hanging in the window with light filtering through

I have 4 Grandkids, Jacob,
 Louis, Mathieu and Sabrina.
I made Valentine Cards to mail to them. 
Jacob and Louis live 
across Canada, in Vancouver, 
and Sabrina and Mathieu live 12 hrs. away.
Kids love going to the 
mail box and getting mail.

~~Childhood memories lasts a life time~~

I photocopied Music Notes on thick paper.
Jacob is my youngest Grandson.

Sabrina is the eldest.



 Grandkids with Percé Rock behind.

Happy Valentines Day!!

"Memories of our lives,
of our works, and our deeds,
will continue on in others.

~Rosa Parks~

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