Monday, May 30, 2016

The Old Fisherman

Needlepoint and hook rugs
 were popular in the 1970-80s.

I did some needlepoint and 
rug hooking, back then. 

I often fiddled through the canvases
 in the stores, hung on hangers.
One in particular, that always
 caught my eye was The Old Fisherman,
or,  The Old Man Of The Sea.
He reminds me of my Grandfather John Day,
who smoked a pipe, and fished in the Bay.

The canvases were quite 
 pricey to buy back then..
like close to $100.00
I could never afford one.

We now find them,
 all finished and framed at garage sales
or flea markets etc. for less than $10.00.
A lot of time and effort has 
gone into these beautiful work,
now casted aside. 

Whenever I see one,
 I bring him home with me.

 This one doesn't have a frame.

On the back of a canvas.

Many hours spent to do this craft.

 nice choice of frame.

 This one below I bought at a House Sale. 
An elderly couple was giving up their home.
 It hung in his office, an Insurance Agent. 
 His wife did it for him, many years ago.

A hooked rug.
My favourite.
The beard is a longer wool.
Gives a 3-D effect.
Can you imagine, I paid $1.00 for him,
at a Church sale.

Modern day fishing...
Photos taken recently at a local fishing dock in Paspebiac.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Carlisle Beach

My daughter Suzanne
 came to visit me this week.
The weather was awful.
Rain and freezing cold.
Temperatures near 0 deg. C.
or 32 deg. F.
Between the rains one day, 
we dressed in winter clothes and 
went for a walk on a nearby beach, 
 New Carlisle Beach.
Me and Suzanne

Here are some photos.
(taken in cloudy conditions)

Below,  is the "Green"
It has a canteen, play park for children,
Canada Day celebrations are held here
along with many other events.

Below: There is a camp ground nearby, 
beyond this sidewalk to the left. 

New Carlisle has a very long boardwalk......

That goes for miles and miles

With many twists and turns

Passing through a marshland... 
 into a bird sanctuary.

A peaceful walk in the fresh salty air.

There used to be a harbour here many years ago.

The cliff under the lighthouse below has been damage by
heavy storms from last fall.  
Spring thaw and heavy rains 
also cause a lot of erosion 
to the Gaspé Peninsula. 
Apparently with "Climate Change" 
the oceans are rising,
getting larger and we are losing more land.

For more photos I took at high tide
in the Fall of New Carlisle Beach, click here.

Something to do on a rainy day.
Suzanne repainted this birdhouse for me.

Also the little lighthouses I put in my flower garden.
The other houses came from the Dollarstore
She painted for her garden.

It is lobster season here.
We enjoyed a lobster supper together.
Served with garlic butter and coleslaw.

This lobster below is a little over  1.5 pounds. 
Lobsters are sold cooked or uncooked 
at the Fish Markets here.
Prices ranging from $8.50 to 10.50 per pound cooked.

To cook lobsters, the live lobster is place in 
a large pot of boiling salted water
 and boiled for 15 to 20 mins.

for more on Seafood in the Gaspé, 
check out my previous post, click here.

Below the sunset from the boardwalk on New Carlisle Beach.

I had a great week with Suzanne. 

This post has been featured for best photography at "Cosy Little House" Tweak it Tuesday blog party.  Thanks..

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