Monday, May 30, 2016

The Old Fisherman

Needlepoint and hook rugs
 were popular in the 1970-80s.

I did some needlepoint and 
rug hooking, back then. 

I often fiddled through the canvases
 in the stores, hung on hangers.
One in particular, that always
 caught my eye was The Old Fisherman,
or,  The Old Man Of The Sea.
He reminds me of my Grandfather John Day,
who smoked a pipe, and fished in the Bay.

The canvases were quite 
 pricey to buy back then..
like close to $100.00
I could never afford one.

We now find them,
 all finished and framed at garage sales
or flea markets etc. for less than $10.00.
A lot of time and effort has 
gone into these beautiful work,
now casted aside. 

Whenever I see one,
 I bring him home with me.

 This one doesn't have a frame.

On the back of a canvas.

Many hours spent to do this craft.

 nice choice of frame.

 This one below I bought at a House Sale. 
An elderly couple was giving up their home.
 It hung in his office, an Insurance Agent. 
 His wife did it for him, many years ago.

A hooked rug.
My favourite.
The beard is a longer wool.
Gives a 3-D effect.
Can you imagine, I paid $1.00 for him,
at a Church sale.

Modern day fishing...
Photos taken recently at a local fishing dock in Paspebiac.

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