Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Festive Holidays!

May the year 2016 be a great year
 with good health and much happiness.

And may there be Peace on Earth 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

More of Our Canada Magazine

I am happy to announce
 that a blog post I did last February
on my sister Ann's blue glass collection
 has been published in this Canadian Magazine. 

This magazine is a division of Reader's Digest Canada.

"Our Canada Magazine" is published every two months.

"More of Our Canada" is published each month

available by subscription only.

 I like the layout of this
 article and story in the magazine.
They did a terrific job.


To view more of this blog on
Ann's "Beautiful Blue Glass"
click here

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Vintage Wax Snowmen

My Vintage Wax Snowmen

They are all candles- 
If ever I miss electricity they may all go up in smoke.
The two below are very old.
Aren't they cute

A Bit of  History:
Gurley Novelty,  started in 1939, 
was a manufacturer primarily known for making
 holiday candles shaped like small figurines,
commissioned by Exxon Mobile as a way to reuse
excess paraffin produced as a by-product of the oil refinery process.
Though each candle came with a wick, they were not marketed as practical candles.
Primarily sold at dime stores such as Woolworth.
In the recent years Gurley candles have become popular collectibles.

The snowman below I found recently in perfect condition.

A modern day Snowman

~A Vintage Caroler~
in perfect condition.
Thanks for you visit. xo

Merry ℂhristmas

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Tablescape

a time families get together
 at the Christmas table.
Give thanks and make memories
that last a lifetime.

These garnet dishes are my sister Carol's. 
 vintage Avon collection
"Cape Cod" 1960s-70s. 

The dishware is porcelaine, 
made in China bought in recent yrs. 
The silverware is "Community Plate" 
Carol made this tablecloth many yrs. ago.

Wishing you Christmas Blessings
Thanks for your visit xo

Monday, December 7, 2015

Awesome Amber Glass

I am sharing my sister Carol's
 amber glass collection. 
This antique glass dates back
to the 1930s

Amber glass is a tinted glass made

 with shades of pale yellow to dark brown. 

Depression glass, cardinal glass and hobnail.


Wine Glasses- Luminarc-1970s-France

Rich tones of color

I cannot find any info. on the large pitcher.
What kind of glass and date.
It is very old.
If anyone has any info., I would appreciate it.
Thanks from Andrea Ostapovitch:  Carnival Glass, Harvest Grapes from the 60's ....

Rich tones of amber

Tall goblet on the right is Ashburton Amber, Libby Rock.
The dish in the front is cardinal glass
Below: The light coloured glass in the middle is Wheaton Glass U.S.A.

The small lamps are hobnail glass
The square dish is Hobnail also, Eames Era. Mid Century.

Avon collectible decorative glass- 1960s-70s.

Avon Glass
Apothecary Jar
Made in Italy.

Large Jug, made in Canada
thanks for your visit xo