Monday, December 7, 2015

Awesome Amber Glass

I am sharing my sister Carol's
 amber glass collection. 
This antique glass dates back
to the 1930s

Amber glass is a tinted glass made

 with shades of pale yellow to dark brown. 

Depression glass, cardinal glass and hobnail.


Wine Glasses- Luminarc-1970s-France

Rich tones of color

I cannot find any info. on the large pitcher.
What kind of glass and date.
It is very old.
If anyone has any info., I would appreciate it.
Thanks from Andrea Ostapovitch:  Carnival Glass, Harvest Grapes from the 60's ....

Rich tones of amber

Tall goblet on the right is Ashburton Amber, Libby Rock.
The dish in the front is cardinal glass
Below: The light coloured glass in the middle is Wheaton Glass U.S.A.

The small lamps are hobnail glass
The square dish is Hobnail also, Eames Era. Mid Century.

Avon collectible decorative glass- 1960s-70s.

Avon Glass
Apothecary Jar
Made in Italy.

Large Jug, made in Canada
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