Sunday, February 17, 2019

Longing For Flowers ~Flowers In February.

I'm looking at perennial flower
 photos from last year,  
and sharing some of them on this blog.
The gardens are buried in snow at this time, 
(like 5ft. of snow)
resting, before they'll emerge again
 giving a splendid show of colour and beauty.
I am looking forward to
 their progress next season.

One of my favourite flowers.

Orange Helenium

Yellow Daisies or Golden Marguerite.

Tiger Lilies 
A Heirloom plant from my Grandmother.




(Crazy Daisies)

Red Lilies
descending the stairs.

A perennial Sunflower.

Delphinium amongst a beachwood fence. 

Red Beebalm ~ so pretty.

Hostas are great under trees.
Low maintenance and ground cover.

I would have more,
it I didn't mistake them for weeds.

Pink Veronique

I have an assortment of Astilbes at the 
North side of the house.
They do well in shade.

A red one.

A Paper Poppy

Variegated  leaf Coreopsis 
I love the foliage on this plant.
After the blooms are finished,
 the pretty leaves stay all Summer.

White Phlox 

Black Eyed Susan

Cone Flower

A very invasive pretty plant that bees love.
They have thousands of seeds
 (in the pods that are hanging) that fall and
produce a lot of plants the following year.
However, they are easy to control.
They pull out easy.
 I have them growing near my back door.
I pull most of them out and leave
 a few because they are so pretty.

They look like little Orchids.
I like to sit on my deck and watch the
bees. They disappear completely in
the flower to collect pollen.

In my wild garden,
 I leave a lot of them. 

A smaller species 
They grow wild in the woods.
A herbal remedy for poison ivy,
 and other rashes and itchy skin.

White Woodland Asters
So pretty in the woods.

Wild Asters

A tall Ligulaira 

Ligularia in flower

My flower of 2018

After many yrs. of trying,
I get this Clematis vine to grow. 

An annual plant,  I start from seed.

 "The Sunken Garden".
This garden is a working progress project.
It was an area all overgrown and my
sister Annie and I cleaned it out,
and placed large rocks for stairs.

It is steeper than appears in this photo.

Down looking up.

I transplanted these
 Goosenecks Loosestrife
below,  between the trees. 
They are invasive and eventually 
they will surround the trees and
I'll have less weeding to do there,
 and less grass to cut in this area. 
(I hope!)

A Weeping Willow tree and Daylilies.
I have never seen the Daylilies in flower, 
and they have been there for many years.
I wonder why. I am thinking maybe the deer,
 that frequent this area,
eats the flower buds?

The path into the woods

Winter and photos gives me time
 to reflect on what we've done last year
 and what we plan on doing this year.
We must have HOPE.

I hope this flower tour added 
some colour to your day. 

Thanks for your visit xo.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Tea At Harrods.

This is my last blog post on my London trip 
 my daughter, Suzanne and I did last September.
A visit to Harrods store.

 Harrods, a world famous, luxury department store.
The largest department store in Europe.
It occupies 5 acres and has 330 departments.

Harrods at Christmas
Photo from the internet.

In the store, there used to be a memorial to
 Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed,  
who's father owned Harrods Department store
 at the time of their deaths. 
It has been removed in April 2018,
after the store changed ownership.
It's now owned by the state of Qatar,
an Arabic country, located in Western Asia. 

After a lot of walking visiting 

most of the 6 floors,
it was great to sit and 
enjoy tea and cake at one 
of their many eateries, 
the Brompton Deli.

Of course, I kept a napkin for a souvenir.

We shared this 10 layer delicious maple cake.

I had English Breakfast Steeped Tea

I didn't take a lot of photos in the store,
it was overwhelming to see the set-up
 and many different departments,  also,
the unique Egyptian architecture
throughout the store.

The ceiling at the deli.

A lot of Nutcrackers

A huge selection of Christmas decorations.

Huge charming chandeliers.


A monthly store guide.

I'm grateful to Suzanne for this amazing adventure.
My first time crossing the Atlantic Ocean, 
visiting Europe, enjoying time together,  
visiting London, a fascinating city to visit 
with so many things to see, 
 also,   searching for our roots on
The Isle of Wight.
a beautiful Island.

I'm happy to share this adventure
with all of you on my blog posts. 

We're hoping to return one day...

Thanks for your visit xo.

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