Friday, February 15, 2019

Tea At Harrods.

This is my last blog post on my London trip 
 my daughter, Suzanne and I did last September.
A visit to Harrods store.

 Harrods, a world famous, luxury department store.
The largest department store in Europe.
It occupies 5 acres and has 330 departments.

Harrods at Christmas
Photo from the internet.

In the store, there used to be a memorial to
 Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed,  
who's father owned Harrods Department store
 at the time of their deaths. 
It has been removed in April 2018,
after the store changed ownership.
It's now owned by the state of Qatar,
an Arabic country, located in Western Asia. 

After a lot of walking visiting 

most of the 6 floors,
it was great to sit and 
enjoy tea and cake at one 
of their many eateries, 
the Brompton Deli.

Of course, I kept a napkin for a souvenir.

We shared this 10 layer delicious maple cake.

I had English Breakfast Steeped Tea

I didn't take a lot of photos in the store,
it was overwhelming to see the set-up
 and many different departments,  also,
the unique Egyptian architecture
throughout the store.

The ceiling at the deli.

A lot of Nutcrackers

A huge selection of Christmas decorations.

Huge charming chandeliers.


A monthly store guide.

I'm grateful to Suzanne for this amazing adventure.
My first time crossing the Atlantic Ocean, 
visiting Europe, enjoying time together,  
visiting London, a fascinating city to visit 
with so many things to see, 
 also,   searching for our roots on
The Isle of Wight.
a beautiful Island.

I'm happy to share this adventure
with all of you on my blog posts. 

We're hoping to return one day...

Thanks for your visit xo.

To view more of our trip visit ...


  1. I love to go to Harrods at Christmas, the Christmas decor is spectacular. Must admit it has been a few years since my last visit.

  2. Absolutely beautiful post!! Gorgeous photos!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!!

  3. I love your photos, Thelma. I wish you had more! They bring back wonderful memories.

    When we were there in October they no longer had the Diana memorial. They said it had been removed. (I wish I'd asked before I went all over the store looking for it!). When did you go? We must have just missed it. You will never regret this wonderful trip with your daughter, nor will she. A remarkable place!

    1. We didn't see the memorial when we were there and I thought we had missed it. So when I did my blog, I copied the pic from a book. After researching, I learned it had been removed in April, 2018. Thanks Jeannie, for bring this to my attention. xo

  4. Thelma,

    Beautiful post. I grew up in the heart of England, so I get nostalgic when I see posts from the other side of the pond. We went to Harrods during the summer of 2017, it's a spectacular store, isn't it? I especially loved the food halls. That maple cake looks delicious.

    ~ Kiki ~

  5. Thelma
    Thanks for Sharing your visit to Harrods Dept. Store I would have love to have been there especially to enjoy the Maple cake and to see the Nutcrackers and all the Christmas Decorations they all looked beautiful I enjoyed it all Carol

  6. Oh Wow! I loved seeing your photos of Harrod's! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I may never get to go so your post is my "visit". I saw your post over at "Dwellings" blog party. The slice of maple cake in your thumbnail picture really got my attention.

  7. Goodness, how gorgeous. Here, department stores are dying right and left. All the splendor and experience of really shopping has deteriorated or closed. So, much fun to see what it used to be like...the cake---I have to have some, Sandi


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