Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Walk On The Beach.

It was low tide 7:30 Sunday morning.
My sister Annie and I decided to take 
a walk on the beach.

Spring is late this year.
The nights have been cold,  near 0 deg. C.
The flowers are late blossoming. 

It was a sunny day 15 deg. C.
Here are some pics on our adventure.

This beach is near where I live.
I have a lot of childhood memories here.
These posts were planted yrs ago to stop 
the water from damaging the land.

Day's Brook
My childhood playground. 

My sister Annie

Erosion is eating away at the cliffs.
The effects of climate change,
the oceans are rising,
causing erosion.
We are losing ground.


Some things we spotted below.
A beach brick, markings, Chapman, Made in Canada.
A lot of dead crabs on the beach this morning-they get washed in the the tides,  beached.
My sister Ann, found a piece of blue seaglass, 
Also a clam shell.
There's not a lot of garage on the beach here.
In last yrs. a lot of crocs are showing up.
I think I'll start collecting them.
(Don't tell my kids, they'll have me committed.)... LOL





Chalet on the beach.
Huge rock to protect the high tides from damage.

This house is presently for sale.


Thanks for your visit xo