Friday, October 14, 2022

Autumn Colours

 Autumn, the season of colour. 
Chill in the air, warmer clothes,
walks in the woods, birds squawking as 
they prepare to head South for warmer weather.
Apple picking time and all the harvesting. 
I am sharing some photos around home. 

When summer flowers fade away,
Pretty Asters appear.
In the woodland garden.

In front of the house

Beautiful in the Fall.

Golden colours

Barberry bush

Birds preparing to head South

Virginia creeper

Crept up to the birdhouses

The last roses of Summer.
On small tea rose bushes.


In the woods

A huge Barberry bush growing in the woods.
The birds must have carried the seeds there.

Blueberry Bush with pretty leaves.

Calm water and blue sky
After Hurricane Fiona passed by.

We seem to do more baking and
 cooking this time of year.
So many great flavours in the Fall.
I baked a Pumpkin Walnut Loaf,
For the recipe, click here.

We had a full moon Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanks for your visit.