Thursday, September 26, 2019

September In The Garden.

Autumn has arrived.
The Summer has gone by too fast.
Shorter days and cooler nights
are upon us. 
Although nature's colours and 
bounty surround us,
we have to be thankful for
the beauty Mother Nature 
has given us. 

These are Peaches'n'Dreams.

Tiger Lilies
I'm late with this photo.
They have finished following.

Helenium and Golden Marguerite together.

Gooseneck Loosestrife, so graceful.

Sedum so colourful this time of yr.

Mountain Ash trees.
Also called Rowan (pronounced round).
They have an abundance of berries this year,
contrary to last year

They are native to the colder regions of
the Northern Hemisphere

Huge bunches of berries.
The birds and wild life will feast on them
Deer and partridge love them. 

They are so heavy,
the branches are bent.

An abundance of apples

Sister Annie picking.

Pies, apple cake, apple muffins, 
baked apples, apple sauce.
We were busy....

Two spectators,
Leopold and Arthur,
My neighbour's cats


My Zinnias are still in flower.
I planted the seeds late in the Spring.

I planted some Yarrow this year.
Yellow, pink and red.

The stones below,
are part of a stairway,
leading down to a "Sunken Garden".
A work in progress garden.

My Granddaughter, Sabrina, 
painted the sign on a rock.

The name "Sunken Garden" was
inspired by my visit to Kensington Palace,
 London, a year ago this week.

A garden dedicated to Princess Diana
at Kensington Palace.

Suzanne, my daughter.
We had afternoon tea at 
The Pavillon at Kensington Palace.
A trip to remember....

Hurricane Dorian passed on Sept. 7th.,
here in Eastern Quebec.
Thankfully, It didn't do too much damage in our region,
heavy rains and moderate winds. 
I feel for the people down south
 who were not so fortunate.

This ditch is usually dry all Summer.

Here is a short video.
You can hear the wind.
I'm not sure if it will play on this blog.

On Friday the 13th,
We had a beautiful Harvest Moon.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my garden.
Thanks for your visit xo
Wishing you all a Happy Fall.

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