Monday, December 14, 2020

Drying Fruit Naturally ~2020

Looking for things to do, 
to keep busy,
staying home, to stay safe,
during this pandemic.
(I did this blog post in 2020.)

 I decided to try
 drying fruit for decoration.

I dried oranges, apples,
 pink grapefruit,  and limes,
causing a lovely scent around the house.

I sliced them approx. 1/4 inch thick. 

I don't own a food dehydrator 
 I dried them naturally. 

I sponged them with paper towels
 to remove some juice.
Placed them on a rack so the 
air can get to them underneath
and placed the rack over a cookie sheet
in the oven.

I had one pink grapefruit.
I did slice some too thin.
But these are the prettiest when dried.

They were 10cents each at the grocery store
because they were getting old. 

I put them in the oven 200 deg. F 
for an hour, turning them after 30 minutes. 

After taking them from the oven
I put them on a rack near the heaters
and let them dry naturally for a few days,
turning them each day.

They are so pretty on the Christmas Tree
with the light shining through,
giving a stained glass effect.

Pink Grapefruit is my favourite.
The red light behind enhances it.


I made a wreath
with Oranges and Apples.
(I did get Annie in the photo)

Ok, she moved.

Also in a centrepiece.
I put in some cloves and allspice.
Gives a nice natural aroma.
Annie made the basket with jute rope.

I will give some to the birds,
at the feeder, as a special treat.
for Christmas. 

I notice the limes are browning.
Maybe I dried them too much.

This is the first time I dry fruit.
I have the feeling, it won't be the last.

Stay home and stay safe.
Good News!
The vaccine has arrived in Canada today.
 I believe it is manufactured in Belgium. 
Although anyone with allergies
 will not be able to take it.
Hopefully,  another vaccine or 
something else will be made available.

Let's hope next Christmas,
 the virus will be behind us.

Thanks for your visit. xo



  1. Yes, I pray the virus will be behind us very soon! I had not heard about allergic people not being able to receive the vaccine. That is a pity!
    Your dried fruit is so pretty! I do love the colour of pink grapefruit even when it isn't dried. But dried, it is a beautiful colour! You and your sister are so crafty! You must have fun together doing crafts and creating things. Thank you for sharing at my party, Thelma. Enjoy the rest of this week. Christmas hugs...Sandi

  2. Praying this virus will run it's course, too. I like all the fruit you dried. I should try that some time. Visiting from No Place Like HOme!

  3. The dried fruit looks amazing with its wonderful array of colour. The wreath was a particular delight. I am praying that the vaccine will be huge success and we will soon see the last of this terrible virus.

  4. I love when the dried citrus is nearly translucent and glows with the lights! Beautiful!

  5. I love your dried fruit and they look so pretty on the Christmas Tree. I noticed some prisms too; oh how I love those. You did a very old fashioned way of how they decorated in the past; as beautiful today as it was back then. How nice to share with the birds; I know they will be so happy to find something so special. I will continue with my prayers that the virus will go away and no longer be a health threat. That people can go back to work. Families will be able to visit one another. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Merry Christmas.

  6. The dried fruits turned out great. I really like their "stained glass" look. If I recall correctly, dried fruits were used to decorate trees during the Victorian era...

    Thanks for the visit! Tea mail is one of the best mails to get!

    1. Thanks Margie. I'm happy with your comment that dried fruit was used during the Victorian era. I will be sharing my Victorian Tree next week.

  7. Thelma I enjoyed your blog on drying fruit good work they are beautiful on the tree and in the jars keep up the good work

  8. Thelma I enjoyed your blog on drying fruit good work they are beautiful on the tree and in the jars keep up the good work

  9. How clever you are, Thelma. The dried fruit does add such a natural sparkle to your tree, on the wreath, in the arrangement and in your jars. I’ll bet the smell is delicious! Merry Christmas to you!

  10. Your dried fruits look amazing! And your wreath is BEAUTIFUL!

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. Oh, Thelma. What a beautiful sight seeing them in the jars but also on tree and wreath. I do have a hydrator but just don't drag it out. I have a habit of cutting the slices too thin and will have to work on that but I have gotten the bug and will try them in the oven. They just looks all so beautiful especially when the little lights shine through..I have been lazy about visiting although I have read all your prior posts and enjoyed them..Stay well and Merry Christmas and Happy, Health 2021. A lot of other vaccines are coming out, so I am finally becoming happy about the future. We still all will have to wear masks for awhile but good things are happening..Stay well..xxoJudy

  12. I don't know where I like these more -- the tree or that wreath. Both are gorgeous. Thanks for the instructions.

  13. Great!Thank you for sharing!


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