Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A Victorian Christmas Tree ~ Merry Christmas

I decorated a Victorian Christmas tree
with ornaments I made many yrs. ago.
I added some fruit that I dried this year.

A vintage angel at the top

From the 1990's.
Some Victorian parasols I made with vintage lace,
tapestry fabric and embellishments.

Potpourri Bags
made with tapestry fabric and lace.
filled with potpourri.
This year I added some cloves and 
allspice in the lace ones,
a nice healthy scent. 

Victorian Cones filled with dried flowers.

 I painted white doilies with gold paint.
We didn't have the craft stores or
 Dollarstores, back then.

Some got squashed in packing.
They need refreshing. 

Covered styrofoam balls with fabric

In the cones, dried painted tansy.
I dipped the tansy in paint and let it drip.
Tansy grows wild in my region. 

A dried lime slice and a vintage victorian ornament.
In the Victorian era, dried fruit was hung on the tree.

A souvenir from London

Dried orange,  nice with a light shining through.

A pink grapefruit.

The bottom of the tree.

It's hard to get a full photo of the tree 
because it's in a corner.

If you missed my previous post on
how I dried fruit, click here 

Thanks for your visit xo

Merry Christmas!
Stay home, stay cozy and stay well.💖



  1. Oh how I love your very Victorian Christmas Tree. It is beautiful. I so enjoyed seeing all the close up pictures and admiring all the ornaments both handmade and vintage. I wish you a Merry Christmas and best Wishes for a Happy New Year.

  2. Thelma, this is exquisite. So very beautiful and such detail. I love the orange slices and the beautiful ornaments that you've both made and collected. I would gaze at it allday.

    Wishing you a beautiful Christmas.

  3. Very Pretty! Have a wonderful Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  4. Thelma, your tree is beautiful. Love how the lights shine through the dried fruit. So pretty. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to a Happy Healthy New Year..xxoJudy

  5. Beautiful decorations:-))
    Happy New Year for you and all your family:-)))


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