Sunday, February 4, 2018

Valentine Food Sale

 A Valentine Food Sale at the Wales Home.
A senior's home in the Eastern Townships
of Quebec.
The proceeds went to the 
Royal Canadian Legion, branch 15, 
Richmond, Quebec.
Food was donated by approx.
 20 members of the Legion.
Thanks to the residents of the Home,
Staff and some public citizens who came to buy.

The ladies below are Carol and Annie, my sisters,
and Donna Ham, president of the Ladies Auxiliary
of the Canadian Legion. 

I am sharing some photos of the food.

Raisin Butter Tarts

Date Squares

Rice Krispies Squares

Homemade Rolls

A large selection of Fudge

These tarts are so pretty.
Cherry and Blueberry.

Homemade pickles

The Legion Crest

For Chocolate Lovers

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Lemon Truffles
dipped in coconut and white and dark chocolate

Maple Sugar Cones 
made from Quebec Maple Syrup.

I didn't get pics of all the food.
A large selection of pies,
lemon meringue ,
coconut cream,
 maple cream,
sugar and apple. 
It was nice visiting with the residents 
of the home and they enjoyed the music
entertainment by Debbie and Bob.

The Wales Home
A beautiful countryside home with
 all levels of care for seniors.
The largest English speaking
home in this province.
I worked at this home for 13yrs.
For more pics, click here.

Photo from the web.

Thanks for your visit xo
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