Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hiking Sugarloaf Mountain

In Sugarloaf Provincial Park
situated in the 
Northern Appalachian Mountains
in New Brunswick, Canada,
lies The Sugarloaf Mountain,

All levels of hiking abilities in this park.
My daughter and I did the hike up, 
1000 ft. to the summit.
We did this hike in the month of May.
It had been on my bucket list.

The hike up to the summit is steep.
Steeper than we had imagined.
It was a challenge to do this hike
but worth the effort.

Below the road into the Park.

Below is the Terry Fox trail.
A pleasant 4.5km walking trail around 
the base of the mountain
on a well groomed path of crushed stone.
We start out on this trail, a short distance,
to get to the hiking trail.

Here I am, at the start
under the N.B. flag.

Suzanne, my daughter.

Part of the steep trail up the mountain.

It's not all like this.
I felt like turning back here.

A wire to hold on
over the rocks

Suzanne waiting for me.
I was in my late 60s
when we did this hike.

Be Careful, don't break an ankle. 
The worst steps I've ever seen.

At the Summit

At the top there's a lookout.
Built out over the mountain...
It took me a while to go on it.
I felt dizzy at this point.

A fantastic view of the town of 
Campbelltown, New Brunswick, below
and Quebec with the Appalachian mountains. 
The Restigouche River flows
 into the Baie des Chaleur (Chaleur Bay) and
the Van Horne Bridge.

flowing down to the Gaspé coast.

Part of the bridge, mountains below.

The Canadian Flag at the summit.

Also at the Summit:
A plaque honouring our fallen solders.
and 3 RCMP officers killed on duty
in Moncton, New Brunswick.

En Français 

With clouds moving in,
We started our hike down.


It was easier going down.

We did this hike in May
some snow.

Come on Mom...

animal tracks

After arriving at the bottom,
we did the remainder
 of the Terry Fox trail,
4.5km trail at 
the base of the mountain.
No climbing, just flat surface.
It was our way of winding down.
I have walked this trail a few time before.

It was quite the adventure,
of my Bucket List.

Below, The Van Horne Bridge
connecting  Quebec with Campbellton, 
New Brunswick.
(photo from the web.)

A view of Sugarloaf Mountain from a distance.
(photo from the web.)

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