Thursday, February 20, 2020

Colonial Lady Quilt

I found this quilt at a thriftshop.
I paid $2.00 for it. 
I liked the colour and pattern.

It's for a single bed,
I have it on a double bed here
for the photo.

It's a vintage quilt,
 in very good condition, some
 of the topstitching needs repair.

I've never quilted, but it has always 
been on my bucket list to learn. 

Beautiful pattern and detail

The fabric is still in good condition.
Nothing torn,  only some topstitching to repair.

The topstitching is a "blanket stitch"
not difficult to do. 

A lot of work has gone into this quilt.
What lovely stitching! and it makes
me wonder, who it kept warm.
I'm happy to be the one who
rescued this beautiful quilt.  

A friend who is a quilter,
loaned me a large loop, 
and other supplies, and
gave me some pointers on quilting.

Maybe after repairing this quilt,
I'll make a new one.

Thanks for your visit xo


  1. What a great find it is beautiful. Hope you are inspired to try making one for yourself.

    1. I hope so. I've done a lot of seamstress work so it should not be too hard for me.

  2. Thelma, you have found a jewel. I am so envious of anyone who can quilt. I did make my kids a crib quilt when they were little but only by just tying the yarn in the middle of each pattern. This one is really beautiful and seems an easy fix for you. I never find anything this precious in a thrift store although I am pretty happy with my last two pictures..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy. I was very lucky to find this quilt. I always wanted to quilt and this quilt will inspire me to start.
      Also I'm lucky to have a teacher, a friend who is an expert quilter.
      It's so cold and snowy here that it's a good time to stay inside and do this before I start gardening, then I'm outside for the Summer.

  3. What a fabulous find! It is beautiful...and $2 is a TOTAL steal. I would like to learn to quilt too. In fact, I was just saying to my mom earlier this week that I would be interested in learning. She has tons of fabric and knows how, so maybe my next trip to see her, she can start the lessons!

    1. You have a good teacher, your Mom and fabric also, that's great.
      There's a lot of beautiful patterns out there. Good luck with it Patti.

  4. Such a beautiful, well-done piece! At a phenomenal price! Don't you just wonder who sewed all those stitches? It's on my bucket list to make a quilt, too. Hopefully, I'll get it done before I go to my heavenly reward! You remind me to get started!

    1. Yes Naomi, it makes me wonder who stitched all those lovely stitches and who it covered and kept warm.

  5. This quilt is totally enchanting. Don't you marvel at how many thousands of stitches must be within?

  6. Thelma, such a gorgeous treasure you happened upon! Amazing really, that this pretty was sitting, languishing away in a thrift shop for 'once-loved' pretties. How fabulous these colonial ladies have now found a beautiful home; a home where they will be loved and cared for forevermore. Fabulous too, that you are going to pour love into those quilting stitches that need to be done. You will be fine.....quilting becomes second nature as you lovingly stitch away. I must say all those beautiful mauve ladies have found a perfect home on your bed. Enjoy your quilting as you lovingly stitch those repairs! I wonder where this new skill of quilting will take you??

    1. Thanks so much for your visit and nice comment Kim.

  7. This is just stunning!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  8. What a find! The quilt is in amazing condition - it doesn't seem to have stains and the whites are so white. And for $2? Needlework isn't valued the way it should be, but you definitely where given a gift! Cherish it! I'm glad the quilt found a home where it will be taken care of and valued.

  9. What a lovely quilt! I am glad it found it’s way into your home where is will be loved and cared for.


  10. What bargain! A lot of work went into that quilt. I couldn't have ever gotten rid of it. But good you got it and will take care of repair.

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